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Transformed Collection


This is the ultimate omnibus for the Transformed gender swap erotica series! There are 22 complete gender swap novels with 42 individual stories! In these stories, ordinary men are transformed into little girls, schoolgirls, whores, geek girls, dominatrices, Goth girls, fat girls, MILFs, bimbos, cougars, brides, pregnant girls, maids, and Asian girls. It also includes two special holiday stories: Transformed for Halloween and Transformed for Christmas!

Transformations: The Gender Swap Collection


Contains 8 Gender Swap Books + 2 Lesbian Romances!
My Wife Changed Me Into a Pinup Girl
My Mistress Turned Me Into a Pregnant Girl!
I’ve Become My Schoolgirl Fantasy!
OMG, I’ve Become a Teenage Girl!
Gender Swap Sleepover
I’ve Become My Asian Girl Fantasy!
My Ex Changed Me Into a Man!
The Lipstick Lesbian Elixir
My Roommate Changed Me Into a Goth Girl!
Help, I’ve Become a Shopaholic!

Regressions: The Age Regression Collection


This collection of age regressions stories features both men and women becoming little girls.
Photobomb: A woman finds herself going back in time each time her picture is taken. Will the next picture of her be the last?
Carousel: A woman discovers a carnival ride with the power to make her younger, but there's a horrible price to be paid
Coven: A coven of powerful witches is turned into powerless little girls by a child with unlimited abilities
My Daughter Changed Me Into Her Baby Sister: When a neglectful father's daughter wishes for a baby sister, he's the one who makes her wish come true
From Man of the House to Playing House: A warehouse accident gives an old man a new lease on life--as a young Hispanic girl
Help, I Changed Myself Into a Little Girl: A machine meant to change violent criminals into helpless little girls backfires on its operator
My Wife Changed Me Into Her Little Girl: A woman tired of her lazy husband changes him into an adorable little girl to become the next Little Bo-Peep mascot
From Premed to Preschool: Rival premed students become sisters when a lab accident changes them into little girls
The Curse of Tabla Diabla: A woman with the power of a demon decides to start a new family by changing two young women into her little daughters, but what happens when the demon demands one of them as a sacrifice?
Wicked Game: When the world is plunged into the Dark Ages again by an evil witch, a man tries to stop her, but ends up being changed into a little servant girl who is now the pawn in a game for the witch's amusement

Regressions Age Regressions Collection, Volume 2


Turn back the clock with these 8 books featuring men turned into young girls. This collection includes:
My Wife Changed Me Into a Geek Girl
From the Board Room to Boarding School
Help, I Changed Myself Into a Little Girl Too
From Man of the House to Playing House Too
My Daughter Changed Me Into Her Baby Sister Too
From Major to Minor
From Warrior King to Peasant Girl
And a bonus story by Ivana Johnson: Changed Into His Daughter’s Little Sister!

Regressions: Age Regression Collection, Volume 3


Featuring 8 stories of grown men changed into little girls:
Wedding Crasher: a man's ex turns him and his new bride into little girls
Toy Soldiers: 3 soldiers are unwilling participants in a lab experiment
From Schoolteacher to Schoolgirl: an angry mom turns a teacher into a student of his former class
How the Cookie Crumbles: A loser is conscripted into the Honeybee Girls to sell cookies
From Best Man to Flower Girl: After sleeping with the bride, a man is turned into a little girl to keep the secret
From Best Man to Flower Girl 2: A man wakes up to find he's been turned into a little girl to keep a deadly secret
Mommy Dearest: A man's ex-wife changes him and his mistress into little girls
Turkey Day Gender Swap: A couple get lost and stumble across a house occupied by a wicked witch who turns them into little girls

24 Hour Girl


A burglar breaks into the mysterious Mrs. Vantu's house, but gets a lot more than he bargained for when he knocks over a potion that turns him into a little girl.  Mrs. Vantu takes him to a lonely woman to babysit him until he changes back.  But the burglar and lonely woman might just be what the other needs to heal their hearts.

24 Hour Little Sister


When Jack gets into a car accident, a girl gives him a magic potion to heal him.  But when he wakes up, he finds he's a little girl!  He's supposed to be that way for 24 hours, but when he starts getting younger, he might not make it.

24 Hour Christmas Gender Swap


Seth Jacobian has never had a real Christmas. Growing up, his rich parents would dump him on a nanny or later in boarding school. Now Seth's fiancee Tara is trying to give him the Christmas he never had. But when he rejects her efforts, she goes to the mysterious Mrs. Vantu and gets a potion that for twenty-four hours turns Seth into a cute little girl named Cindy Lou.

Can this radical change finally give Seth the Christmas spirit?

Transrformed Into a Little Girl


The first in a new series of gender swapping adventures, Transformed Into a Little Girl features two tales of transgender age regression:

In "Daddy's Girl," a beer guzzling blue collar slob gets into an accident and wakes up as a 5-year-old girl. No longer the man of the house, he battles to maintain his identity. In "Living Doll," a witch's potion causes philandering used car salesman Nate Collier to become little Natalie. Now he chafes under his wife's tyrannical, humiliating rule while every day he gets littler and more adorable.

Transformed Into a Little Girl Too


Two new tales of gender swap age regression! In "Fourth Wall," what happens when the strongest, most powerful man on the planet is reduced to a puny little girl clinging to her mother’s apron strings? And in "Little Princess," a great warrior is changed into a little girl by his evil brother, who usurps the throne. Can he find a way to reclaim what's rightfully his?

Transformed Into a Toddler


Two new gender swap age regression stories!
In "Baby Doll" an abusive husband is turned into a two-year-old girl. Now instead of being the man of the house, his wife is changing his diapers! And in "The Bully" a bully is sent back in time as his victim's baby sister. Soon he finds that the tables have turned!

Transformed Into a Toddler Too


Two new gender swap age regression stories!
In "Dollhouse," Connor has always been creeped out by his wife's porcelain doll collection. When he breaks her favorite doll, she decides to replace it by turning him into her real-life baby doll. And in "Shrinking Violet," Dr. Vance Spinner holds the key to creating cold fusion and unlimited free energy. Frannie has tried everything to pry that secret from him, even going so far as to marry him. Now she tries something a lot more desperate and crazy by giving him a potion that turns him into a little girl who keeps getting younger every day. Will he give up the secret or will he allow himself to turn into a baby girl?

Transformed Into a Baby


In "When the Bough Breaks," when Rory is caught having an affair with his secretary, his jealous wife turns him into his secretary's precious baby girl! And in "The Cradle Will Fall," a thief trying to steal an anti-aging drug is turned into a baby adopted by one of the company's security guards.

Transformed Into a Baby Too


When he comes home from work, all Andy wants is to kick back with a beer. But he gets a lot more than he bargained for when he drinks the contents of an unlabeled can in his fridge: the potion in the can turns him into a baby girl! As Andy's wife changes his dirty diapers and burps him, she starts to think that maybe it's not so bad to have a new baby in the house. But she too might soon get more than she bargained for

Transformed for Your Birthday Too


It's your first birthday since your long time girlfriend broke up with you. You're spending it alone and miserable with only a bottle of gin and a couple of cupcakes. Seeing a commercial featuring the birthday party of a happy little girl, you wish your birthday could be like that. The next morning you wake up to find yourself turned into that little girl. Congratulations, you're five years old today! Somehow you have to make it through the day as a little girl, until you can make another wish to change your back. Can you make it?

Transformed for Easter


FBI agent Bill Schrader has spent years tracking down the notorious criminal Michael Rama. When he finally gets his man, Bill finds a strange gold egg in Rama's possession. Opening it, Bill is changed into a helpless little girl being raised by his mortal enemy! His only hope to get his life back is to find the second magic egg Rama has hidden.

Transformed for Mother's Day


Every Mother's Day the childless Millie gets depressed and takes it out on Joe. This year Joe decides he's going to sneak out for a fishing trip. That's when Millie reveals she's a 600-year-old witch! Now she's going to use Joe to create the perfect Mother's Day by turning him into her daughter Josephine.

Transformed for Mother's Day Too


Fifteen-year-old Ted thinks his mom is the most embarrassing person in the world. When she costs him the love of his life, he wants to never see her again. Then on Mother's Day he wakes up to find himself turned into a young woman with a precocious little daughter. Soon he learns just what it's like to be a mother.

Turkey Day Gender Swap (Gender Swap Age Regression)


Now that the kids have left home, Mike and Jill decide to rent an RV and spend their Thanksgiving on a cross-country trip. But it all takes a wrong turn when a detour in Texas leaves them stranded in the middle of nowhere. Then they stumble across a house in the middle of nowhere.

Inside the house is a strange woman named Torga with even stranger powers. She turns Mike and Jill into little girls to spend Thanksgiving with her. It's going to be a Thanksgiving neither of them will ever forget...

A Change Will Do You Good


After three miscarriages, Andre and Margie's marriage has settled into a childless rut.  But one night after Andre can't perform in bed he goes to a bar to drown his troubles.  The bartender gives him a special drink she promises will make him forget his troubles.  And it does--by giving him all new troubles!

Andre wakes up in an alley in the body of an adorable little girl.  A kindly stranger gives him a ride home, where his wife now has to become his mom.  But as they both start adjusting to Andre's new life, they find there may be an upside to it after all.

New Girl In Town


While his parents work on saving their marriage, David is sent to the small Florida town of San Jurado to stay with his grandma.  Cut off from luxuries like WiFi, cable TV, and air conditioning, David is in for a miserable summer.  The local boys aren't rolling out the red carpet for David either.

While trying to escape the local boys, David dives through the opening of an old funhouse and suddenly finds himself fifty years in the past--and in the body of a thirteen-year-old girl named Rose!  As he tries to sort things out, David meets a boy named Will.  Soon the miserable summer becomes a summer David will never forget.

The Kidnapping


Ashley Sims, heir to the Sims Global Manufacturing fortune, is taking a vacation in the Florida Keys when he meets a beautiful woman calling herself Veronica. When Ashley takes her back to his yacht for a little fun, she drugs him with a pill that turns him into a little girl! At first Veronica is only going to rob him, but when she learns who Ashley is, she sees a chance for a much bigger score: unless his mother pays a king's ransom, Ashley will be stuck as a little girl.

This gender swapping, age regression caper is 22,000 words.

The Sleepover


When Kelly shows up outside an abandoned house with pizzas to deliver, he assumes it must be a prank. Suddenly he finds himself back in time--and changed into a little girl. The former occupants of the house are having a birthday party for a little girl named Lorraine and Kelly is going to be her special friend for the night.

Wedding Crasher


Justin and Jimmie have just gotten married.  But before they can go on their honeymoon, an old ex of Justin's shows up and turns them both into little girls!  She plans to take them to Las Vegas so they can be the flower girls for her wedding.  Can Justin and Jimmie find a way out of their predicament before they have to lead their captor down the aisle?

Toy Soldiers: A Gender Swap Age Regression Tale


Three Marines on leave in Seoul are having a great time until they go outside to realize their Hummer is gone. They find it in the care of a mysterious man who warns them of a lab experimenting on humans. When Al, Shane, and Court investigate, they're trapped in a room. As it fills with gas, they find themselves getting smaller--until they're seven year old girls! Now these Marines have to prove they still have what it takes to stop this menace before it can spread to the rest of the world.

How the Cookie Crumbles


After Daryl buys some Honeybee Girls cookies, he runs into a little cash flow problem. Unable to pay, Daryl finds himself turned into a Honeybee Girl. Until he works off the debt, he'll be stuck as a little girl. But as he soon realizes, paying his debt is going to take a lot more work than he hoped.

From Best Man to Flower Girl


Mitch rolls into Reno a few days before his best friend is getting married and stops to wet his whistle at a bar. He takes the bartender to his hotel only to find out she's the bride-to-be! And she's also a witch who uses her power to keep him silent by turning him into the adorable little flower girl Michelle. Can Mitch find a way to stop the wedding before he has to skip down the aisle in a frilly dress, tossing rose petals behind him?

From Best Man to Flower Girl 2


After a wild bachelor's party in Vegas, Cecil wakes up to find himself changed into a little girl. To make it worse, the bride is plotting to kill the groom, Cecil's best friend Doug, on his honeymoon. While he adjusts to life as a little girl and practices to be the flower girl, Cecil has to find a way to save his friend before it's too late.

The Nursery: Gender Swap Endurance Test 2


Max needs money to pay his college tuition. When he sees a flyer for a lot of money to play test a video game he jumps at the chance. Instead of playing a game, he finds himself back in his childhood home, only this time as a seven-year-old girl. To make it worse he's alone in the house and has to try to take care of himself. How long can he survive this nightmare?

Mommy Dearest: A Gender Swap Tale


After years of legal wrangling, Brian Townsend has finally freed himself from his wife Mona. But on the day the divorce is finalized, Mona decides she isn't ready to let Brian go. Instead, she turns him and his new fiancee Alyssa into little girls with a magic ring. Unless Brian can get the ring from his former ex-wife, he'll be stuck as her helpless little daughter.

I've Become a Little Girl! (10 Tales of Age Regression)


In these ten tales of age regression: an ancient curse threatens a woman's daughter, a woman relives the past she'd as soon forget, aliens conduct an experiment in terror, a man receives the power of the gods, a woman with terminal cancer finds a cure that may be worse than the disease, a woman discovers her hidden past, a family secret threatens doom to them all, a time tsunami throws the world into chaos, a superhero has to race against the clock to stop a villain and save her parents, & a trip to the dentist turns deadly!

From Schoolteacher to Schoolgirl


Phil has taught the third grade at Granite Falls Academy for almost twenty years, but he's never dealt with a parent like Ms. Marquad. When she's dissatisfied with her daughter's grades, she gives him a poisoned apple that turns him into a little schoolgirl. Now he's a student in his own class, living with and being taught by the woman who changed him. If he can make it through the whole year, he might get his life back, but can he hold out?

From Major to Minor


Major Gerald Renner is a die-hard Marine who is as tough on his family as he is on his soldiers. When faced with retirement, he volunteers to take an experimental serum designed to make him the ultimate soldier. Instead, he wakes up as a sickly little girl. Now instead of ruling the roost, he's being babied by his wife and bullied by his son.

From Premed to Preschool: A Novella


Since they arrived at Grayson College, Kyle and Ken have been bitter rivals in everything from classes to the attentions of young ladies. Then a lab accident turns them into little girls living in the same house and going to the same preschool. Can they overcome their rivalry to find a way out of their predicament?

My Daughter Changed Me Into Her Baby Sister!


Harvey has never been an attentive father. On his daughter's birthday, she makes a wish for a baby sister and the next thing Harvey knows he's sitting in a high chair as a little girl! Now he's at the mercy of his little girl.

My Daughter Changed Me Into Her Baby Sister Too!


All Holly wants for Christmas is a baby sister to play with. She gets her wish early when she wakes up the day after Black Friday to find her new dolly has turned into a real girl! Little does she know that her new baby sister Daisy is actually her father Chad. For selfish Chad, being forced to spend time with his daughter outside of court-appointed visitation periods teaches him the real meaning of family.

Help, I Changed Myself Into a Little Girl!


In the near future, the worst criminals undergo a "rehabilitation" process that changes them into helpless little girls. Lou runs one of the rehabilitation machines until one day it blows up and inadvertently changes him into a little girl. Now he's stuck in a halfway house with the criminals he sent there. Can he survive or will he be broken like an inmate?

Help, I Changed Myself Into a Little Girl Too!


For months Cole has been pining for Martha, the girlfriend of his callous roommate. Cole finally seizes upon a brilliant plan: he buys a book of magic spells that he hopes to use to make Martha fall in love with him. Except the spell he uses instead changes him into an adorable eleven-year-old girl who is the spitting image of his dead twin sister. As he tries to adjust to his new life, he finds himself being drawn closer to Martha in new and unexpected ways.

From the Board Room to Boarding School


Leonard and Marissa are planning to get married. There's just one thing holding up the nuptials: Marissa's adopted mother is a witch. When she gets angry with Leonard, she turns him into a little girl. Now instead of running a Fortune 500 company and getting married, he's a first grader at a brutal boarding school in Switzerland. Can he survive and find a way to grow up again?

From Man of the House to Playing House


Stuart Bradley's routinized life is turned upside-down when a chemical spill at the warehouse he supervises turns him into a little Hispanic girl. Now instead of wearing a hardhat and supervising a dozen men, he's wearing a pink dress and helping his new mommy bake cookies and clean the house. How much of this can he take before he truly becomes a little girl?

From Man of the House to Playing House Too


When Sal and Lindsey agreed to take in a teenage girl, they never thought they'd get a girl like Mitzy. Not only is she rude and completely lacking respect for authority, she has magic powers that she quickly uses to turn Sal and Lindsey into little girls. Now instead of ruling the house, Sal is playing house in day care with other little girls. How long can he stand it? And more importantly: how long until Mitzy does something worse to him?

My Wife Changed Me Into Her Little Girl!


Dinah is tired of her lazy husband sitting on the couch all day, drinking beer and watching TV. When she sees a local food company is looking for a new little girl to portray its mascot, she uses an old family potion to turn her husband into a cute little girl. Now he has to learn what it takes to become the new Little Bo-Peep.

Photobomb and Other Stories


When she angers a witch, Ann Perdilla finds herself the victim of a terrible curse. Each time her picture is taken she's sent farther back into her own life. Unless she can find a way to break the curse, the next photo of her might be the last.

Also features the stories "Carousel" and "Coven"

Private Little Hell (Gender Swap Detective #3)


Dick Larson was a hard-boiled detective in 1930s southern California. That was until a mystical artifact changed him into the drop-dead gorgeous Dixie Larson, who for the last two years has been working as a waitress and helping to raise her daughter.

That is until the calculating Catherine Danton shows up to demand Dixie find someone threatening her for a magical necklace. When her investigation leaves Dixie and her closest friends turned into little girls, she has to find who has stolen the necklace from Danton. But can she crack the case as a seven-year-old?

Time & Space


Three explorers in uncharted space run into an energy cloud that turns them into women. If that's not bad enough, they soon find themselves getting younger and younger...

Naughty or Nice 2


Kenneth Byrd hates holiday shopping more than anything. When a girl runs into him and ruins his suit, he loses his cool with her. Soon he finds himself changed into a little girl thanks to a nasty demon who wants to have a perfect human Christmas with her little captive. If Kenneth is naughty he'll be punished, but if he's nice he might get his life back for Christmas.

Unisex (Choose Your Own Gender #1)


Jamie has spent months working on the elderly Vanessa McBride to get her vast fortune and then arrange an "accident" for her. The night they're finally going to be intimate, he finds out she's the one who has been playing him all along. She turns him into a little boy--a very girlish little boy. When a little girl makes friends with him, he finds himself playing with dolls and going to slumber parties. But how long can he keep her from finding out his secret?

One Day as a Bimbo (Gender Swap Challenge #1)


From the international bestselling author of the Transformed gender swap series comes a whole new series of gender swap adventures!

If someone offered you a million dollars to change your gender for a day, would you do it? This is the choice slacker Dave Winters is offered. For one million dollars he agrees to become a blond bimbo for one day. Soon enough he finds out there's a lot more to the deal than he thought.

Private Dick (Gender Swap Detective #1)


Dick Larson was a hard-boiled detective in 1930s southern California. That was until a mystical artifact changed him into the drop-dead gorgeous Dixie Larson, who's still trying to keep the agency afloat.

When a girl walks into Dixie's office claiming to be Clyde Danton, male heir to an oil fortune, it's a case she's uniquely qualified to investigate. But soon the case turns deadly, leaving Dixie to unravel a massive conspiracy among the city's top power brokers.

Transformed Into a Dominatrix (Transformed #5)


Two kinky gender swap tales!
In "Covert Affairs" secret agent Stan Jones goes undercover as the personal dominatrix of a Russian gangster, but things don't go entirely as planned. And in "Killer Fetish" Henry tries on a woman's undergarment and turns into a woman who spends her nights sadistically killing men.

Transformed Into a Geek Girl (Transformed #4)


It's two geeky stories of gender swapping!
It's the revenge of the nerds in "Rivalry Game" when star quarterback Johnny Morrell wakes up in the body of a nerdy girl. Can he find a way to change back before the big game? In "Cosplay" a slacker finds a ring in a box of cereal that turns him into a superhero. There's just one hitch: it's a female superhero!

Chance of a Lifetime (Chances Are #1)


Detective Steve Fischer was as tough as they come. But when he goes to the scene of a robbery at a pharmaceutical company, he winds up being injected with an experimental drug before he's shot in the head by notorious gangster Artie Luther.

Steve doesn't die. Instead, the experimental drug causes Steve's body to regenerate as that of a young woman. Now as she tries to adjust to her new life, she sets her sights on repaying Luther and his cronies.

First Contact (Rebirth #1)


Captain Lisa Shaw and the crew of the Explorer are taking humanity’s first steps outside of the solar system. They arrive at their destination only to encounter an alien ship bent on destroying them and all other life in the galaxy. Now Lisa and the survivors of her crew have to find a way to escape from the aliens and warn Earth.

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