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Feminization Collection


Enjoy 5 transgender feminization romance stories for one low price!

  1. Spokesmodel: When his furniture store is going under, Glen decides to dress up as a woman to pose for some naughty pictures. Soon "the Greydon Girl" is going viral and Glen is finding himself enjoying the new fame.

  2. My Tutor: Cale is a star quarterback who could miss the big game because of his low grades. He's assigned to a young woman named Kristy whom Cale humiliated back in high school. She makes him wear women's panties, but soon Cale finds he really enjoys it--and Kristy. Can he win the big game and her heart?

  3. Bodybuilder: Wyatt is a weakling who's humiliated at the men's gym, so he starts to dress like a girl and go to an all-female gym. Can he keep his secret?

  4. Secret Identity: Calvin is the world's most powerful superhero, but when the love his life and a million people in his city are killed, he's forced to change his identity into that of a beautiful blonde--almost. Between his legs he's still a very powerful man. Soon he's falling in love with another man, but he'll have to risk everything to save the world.

  5. Ransom Wear: Dylan has just finished a new killer app. To celebrate he goes to a club and meets a beautiful woman. She spikes his drink and when he wakes up, he's trapped in an underground room. If he ever wants to escape, he'll have to dress like a girl and do everything his captors want.

All of these stories are gathered together for the first time!



After 150 years, Greydon's Furniture Store is on the brink of going out of business. To save it, Glen tries to hire a model to do some sexy pictures with the furniture. But when the model has to bow out, Glen decides to dress as a woman and do the pictures himself.

Soon the "Greydon Girl" is more popular than Glen could have ever imagined, with fans all over the world. He has to take more pictures while keeping anyone from finding out the truth. The deeper he gets, the more he finds he likes dressing like a lady.

My Tutor


Four years ago, Cale Hopkins pulled a terrible prank on a young overweight girl named Kristy. Now Cale is a star college quarterback looking to play his last game before making it big. There's just one problem: his grades are going to disqualify him!

The school arranges a tutor for him. Cale is shocked when he finds out his new tutor is Kristy! And to pay him back for his cruel prank, Kristy starts by demanding Cale wear a pair of panties. Desperate to keep his eligibility, Cale agrees. Soon Kristy has him wearing more women's clothes and makeup.

But what happens when Cale realizes he likes it?

Body Builder


Wyatt Little is a 98-pound weakling. When he joins Power Time Gym, he's humiliated by a couple of muscular jocks. He decides on a desperate plan: he'll dress as a woman and join the Shapes gym for women. When a member sells him an unknown supplement he starts getting girlier and feeling better about himself.

But what happens when he falls in love with a girl at the gym and she finds out his secret?

A sweet feminization romance about finding where you belong--and who you really are.

Secret Identity

secret identity.jpg

For the last five years, Calvin Carter has had a secret life as the superhero Miharo. But while he's lured into space, his home city of Vector City is attacked, leaving a million dead--including the love of his life. Calvin knows wealthy businessman Virgil Vance is behind it, but when he confronts Vance, he's attacked with tachyon weapons that weaken him.

Vance unleashes a horde of drones armed with tachyon weapons and facial recognition software to make it impossible for Calvin to hide anywhere in the city. Desperate, Calvin uses his power to change his appearance into that of a beautiful young woman--almost. In his weakened state, he looks mostly like a woman, but between his legs he's still a man.

The change drains Calvin of his powers. He's taken in by an old woman who runs a soup kitchen. Going by the name Callie, he starts to live as a woman, including dating a coworker named Hank. But with Vance and his drones threatening to turn Vector City into a police state, Callie will have to find a way to get her powers back and save the day.

Ransom Wear


After finishing the coding on a new app, Dylan decides to take a break at a nearby club. A beautiful woman named Dasha invites him up to the VIP room. But after a few drinks, Dylan passes out...


He wakes up in an underground room with a bed, women's clothes, wigs, and makeup. Dasha appears on a screen to tell him that if he wants to get his app back, he'll have to do exactly what she wants. Soon enough Dylan is dressing up as a girl...and loving it!


But when another captive is brought down, things get even more interesting.

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