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Young Adult Books

Justice for All (The Outcast #1)

Robin Howe was a normal teenager until her police captain father is killed by henchmen of the evil Madame Crimson. When the justice system won't take any action to avenge her father, Robin takes it upon herself. Except her first attempt leaves her nearly dead and with Madame Crimson's people on her tail.

To protect Robin, her father’s former partner gives her a new identity that sends her to St. Martha’s Academy for Young Ladies in rural New Hampshire. There she tries to keep a low profile, which isn’t easy when Madame Crimson’s spoiled daughter Tonya takes a special interest in making Robin’s life there a living hell. Yet when a rival gangster tries to kidnap Tonya, Robin has to embrace her heroic destiny.

Forever Young (Children of Eternity #1)

A little girl wakes up on an island in the Atlantic with no idea who she is or how she got there. The people who find her give her the name Samantha Young. Samantha is then introduced to a town full of children like her with no memory of their lives before arriving on the island. Samantha soon sets her mind to finding out who she is and where she came from.


Young Family (Children of Eternity #2)

Five years after waking up on the island of Eternity with no memory of who she is or where she came from, Samantha Young is getting restless. She yearns to leave the island and search for her family. But after a vicious storm hits the island, Samantha finds a wrecked ship on the beach. The man she finds inside claims to be her uncle. Will Samantha finally get the answers she seeks?


Young Hearts (Children of Eternity #3)

Now a teenager, Samantha Young and her friends are forced to undertake a perilous journey from the island of Eternity to the mainland. Samantha hopes to finally learn who she is and where she came from, but what she discovers could destroy her.


When You Were Young (Children of Eternity #3)

As Samantha Young faces the most important decision of her life, an old adversary from her past appears. In order to stop this new threat, Samantha and her friends must finally realize the truth about who they were and how they came to Eternity.


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