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Dr. Emma Earl never wanted to be a hero, but when she finds a suit of armor that can deflect bullets and turn her invisible, she becomes part of an ancient war between good and evil. As the latest incarnation of the heroic Scarlet Knight, it's up to Emma to save Rampart City from the evil Black Dragoon before he can take over the city and then the world.

This Special Edition contains almost 50,000 words of deleted scenes from the original version first published in 2012. Also included is a new introduction from the author about the secret origin of the Scarlet Knight.

Mortal Sins (Tales of the Scarlet Knight)

When a bank is robbed, a security guard's heroism is overshadowed by the superhero known as the Scarlet Knight. This begins a downward spiral for the guard, whose obsession with the Scarlet Knight leads to a final confrontation that could end the hero once and for all.


The Night's Legacy

For all her life Lois Locke has lived in her brilliant mother's shadow. It gets even worse when Lois discovers her mom has also spent the last 20 years as the heroic Silver Seraph. But when her mother is crippled, its up to Lois to take up the Seraph's mantle and save the world.



When a scientist creates a "magic wand" to allow normal people to use magic, it threatens to change the whole world. A young witch named Stephanie races against time to find the magic wand and its creator before the Nazis do.



Growing up in any family is hard; it's a lot harder growing up in a family of witches! As the youngest of three sisters, Sylvia Joubert long dreamed of being a witch like her sisters and her mother. When she finally gets the chance, she discovers it's a lot more difficult than she ever imagined. Not only does she have to battle demons of the magical realm, she has to battle her personal demons as well.


Girl Power

When a supervillain's weapon turns Earth's greatest male heroes into its greatest heroines, they enter a whole new world. Can Apex Girl, Velocity Gal, the Mermaid, and Midnight Spectre come together in time to save the world?

The Impostors (Girl Power #2)

A year ago an alien weapon turned the superheroes of the Super Squad into superheroines. Now as the Squad faces a grave new threat a new team appears made up of the former male versions of the Super Squad. Which team is real and which are The Impostors?


League of Evil (Girl Power #3)

In the conclusion of the Girl Power trilogy, Earth's superheroes have gone missing. With supervillains running amok the only ones who can save the planet are other supervillains. But even if this ragtag team can manage to save Earth, a far greater threat waits in the wings.


Girl Power Stories Volume 1

This collection of short stories features seven exciting adventures from the world of the Girl Power superhero series. Midnight Spectre finds a new partner. Hitter's latest job involves an old friend, the Velocity Family welcomes a new member, Apex Girl searches the ruins of her home planet for clues about her parents, Queen Neptune and her daughter make a dangerous trip to the surface, Ion Girl searches for a saboteur, and General Gaia has to stop a Neanderthal running amok!


GAIA: Rogue State (A Girl Power Novella)

From the pages of the Girl Power superhero series! After a devastating alien attack has left the world in shambles, what's needed more than ever is a global intelligence agency. Enter the Global Autonomous Intelligence Agency, run by Melanie Amis, once the superhero sidekick the Outcast. When one of Melanie's agents goes missing in Africa, it begins to unravel a conspiracy that could throw the world right back into chaos.


A Hero's Journey (Tales of the Scarlet Knight #1)

Dr. Emma Earl never wanted to be a hero. But when she finds a magic suit of armor that can deflect bullets and turn her invisible, she becomes part of an ancient war between good and evil. It’s up to Emma as the latest incarnation of the heroic Scarlet Knight to save Rampart City from the fiendish Black Dragoon and his plan to rule first the city and then the whole world.

Time Enough to Say Goodbye (Tales of the Scarlet Knight #2)

Eighteen months ago Dr. Emma Earl took up the mantle of the Scarlet Knight and saved the world. Now comes an even deadlier threat in the form of a young woman with the power to alter time and her mysterious partner known as the Watchmaker. To stop them from unleashing Hell on Earth, Emma has to lose her parents for a second time!


The Hazards of Love (Tales of the Scarlet Knight #3)

Terror grips the streets of Rampart City as a killer stalks its citizens, cutting the hearts from his victims. For Emma Earl, the Scarlet Knight, the trail leads to an ancient evil reborn and a confrontation with the person she cares about the most!


Change of Heart (Tales of the Scarlet Knight #4)

When Emma Earl, the Scarlet Knight, examines a strange meteor, she and her best friend Becky find themselves switching bodies. The bizarre situation turns deadly when a brutal predator sets his sights on the new Scarlet Knight!


Betrayal Begets Blood (Tales of the Scarlet Knight #5)

When the Scarlet Knight’s ally the Sewer Rat is nearly killed by a bomb, it’s the first in a wave of terror that strikes the city. Can the Scarlet Knight find who’s behind these attacks before he unleashes Armageddon?


Future Shock (Tales of the Scarlet Knight #6)

When a magic spell sends Emma twenty years into the future, she meets her daughter Louise. As a terrible evil returns to Rampart City bent on revenge, it's up to Louise to take up the mantle of the Scarlet Knight to save her mother and the rest of the world!


Living Sacrifice (Tales of the Scarlet Knight #7)

For two years Emma Earl, the Scarlet Knight, has thought her daughter Louise to have died at birth. Then a Russian woman arrives to tell her that Louise is still alive! Emma hurries to Russia to rescue her daughter, unaware that this all part of a fiendish scheme to destroy the Scarlet Knight once and for all!


The Heart of Emma Earl (Tales of the Scarlet Knight #8)

With Emma Earl, the Scarlet Knight, missing in action and an evil goddess spreading darkness across the world, it falls to Emma's friend Tim Cooper to undertake a perilous journey across dimensions to bring Emma back for the epic final battle between Good and Evil! But does even the Scarlet Knight have the power to stop Isis?


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