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Suspense Books

Army of the Damned (Sky Ghost #1)

The zombie apocalypse takes to the sky in this thrilling new series! Major Hunter Hawking was an ace Air Force pilot, but two years after a zombie outbreak and global war have destroyed civilization, he's fighting only to stay alive. Then his old commander calls him back to an island near Seattle where society is trying to rebuild. After a series of successful strikes to root out zombies and criminal elements, Hunter thinks he might finally have a home.

Then a new enemy emerges with an air force of high-tech fighters and a devastating new weapon: tamed zombies that are dropped from the skies. When his new home is killed, Hunter is on his own to track down this enemy and stop them from deploying it again. Along the way he explores the shattered remains of America, bringing hope to those who remain as the Sky Ghost.

Death From Above

For two years, Casey and her father have survived the zombie apocalypse on a small Michigan island. When they fly off the island to look for supplies, they're saved by the folk hero known as the Sky Shadow. When Casey witnesses a shadowy organization dropping zombies from the air, Casey has to enlist the Sky Shadow's help to stop them before her home ends up next on the list.


Chance of a Lifetime (Chances Are #1)

Detective Steve Fischer was as tough as they come. Then he goes to the scene of a robbery at a pharmaceutical company and winds up being injected with an experimental drug before he's shot in the head by notorious gangster Artie Luther. But Steve doesn't die. Instead, the experimental drug causes Steve's body to regenerate as that of a young woman. Now as she tries to adjust to her new life, she sets her sights on repaying Luther and his cronies.

Second Chance (Chances Are #2)

When Stacey Chance and her friend Madison are kidnapped by a Chinese scientist, they’re given a dose of an experimental drug, one that causes them to revert back to children. As they search for a cure, Stacey and Madison get a second chance at childhood.

Last Chance (Chances Are #3)

Five years after she first became a young woman thanks to an experimental drug, Stacey Chance has come to enjoy her new life. That life gets even better when the man she loves pops the question. But when that experimental drug starts to wear off and an old enemy from Detective Steve Fischer's past resurfaces, Stacey's wonderful new life is thrown into chaos.

Another Chance (Faces of CHANCE #1)

From the author of the bestselling Chances Are series comes an all-new gender swap series! Vince Gupton is a world-class con artist until he steals a sample of an anti-aging drug called FY-1978. He's betrayed by the buyer, a shady government agency known as CHANCE. Vince is injected with the drug and becomes a young woman. Now the only way to change himself back is to steal a revolutionary new medical technology. But what happens when she starts to fall for the technology's inventor?


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