For the value-conscious consumer, these bundles each include several books for one low price! 

Available exclusively from Amazon for Kindle readers.  Use your Prime or Unlimited membership to get them FREE!

Transformed Collection (Gender Swap Erotica)


This is the ultimate omnibus for the Transformed gender swap erotica series! There are 22 complete gender swap novels with 42 individual stories! In these stories, ordinary men are transformed into little girls, schoolgirls, whores, geek girls, dominatrices, Goth girls, fat girls, MILFs, bimbos, cougars, brides, pregnant girls, maids, and Asian girls. It also includes two special holiday stories: Transformed for Halloween and Transformed for Christmas!

Transformed Omnibus (Gender Swap Erotica)


This omnibus features 16 amazing gender swap stories! Includes:
Transformed Into a Little Girl
Transformed Into a Schoolgirl
Transformed Into a Whore
Transformed Into a Geek Girl
Transformed Into a Dominatrix
Transformed Into a Goth Girl
Transformed Into a Fat Girl
Transformed Into a MILF

Transformed Omnibus, Volume 2 (Gender Swap Erotica)


This omnibus contains volumes 9-14 of the Transformed gender swap series, 12 gender swap stories in all! Featuring:
Transformed Into A Bimbo
Transformed Into A Cougar
Transformed Into A Bride
Transformed Into A Pregnant Girl
Transformed Into A Maid
Transformed Into An Asian Girl

Transformed Omnibus, Volume 3 (Gender Swap Erotica)


 This third omnibus contains six novels from the Transformed gender swapping series, plus two holiday gender swap stories! In this omnibus, unsuspecting men are transformed into little girls, goth girls, pregnant girls, bimbos, and cougars. Also includes "Transformed for Halloween: The Gender Swap Costume Party" and "Transformed for Christmas!"

Gender Swap Six Pack


Two complete series of gender swap novels! Includes the Chances Are trilogy and the Girl Power trilogy.

In the Chances Are trilogy, crusty detective Steve Fischer is injected with an experimental drug and is turned into a young woman. Adopting the name Stacey Chance, she pursues those who changed her. In the Girl Power trilogy, four male superheroes are changed by an alien weapon into women. Now in addition to supervillains, they have to battle discrimination and their own doubts.

Also included are seven short stories from the Girl Power universe!

Chances Are Omnibus (Gender Swap Fiction


When veteran police detective Steve Fischer is injected with an experimental drug known as FY-1978, he's changed into a young woman named Stacey Chance. In Chance of a Lifetime Stacey takes revenge on those responsible. In Second Chance, she's abducted by a Chinese scientist trying to make his own version of FY-1978; the untested drug turns Stacey into a 10-year-old Chinese girl who gets another chance at childhood. And in Last Chance, Stacey is confronted by a serial killer from Steve Fischer's past who has his own plans for FY-1978.

Contains all three complete novels of the Chances Are gender swap trilogy!

Girl Power Omnibus (Gender Swap Superhero Fiction)


When the world's four greatest male superheroes are transformed by an alien weapon into women, they have to find the strength and courage to confront this new world. In Girl Power, the Super Squad of Apex Girl, Velocity Gal, Mermaid, and Midnight Spectre have to thrwart a plot to feminize the whole world. In The Impostors, when the male Super Squad appears, the female Squad has to battle themselves to save the world. In League of Evil, when the Super Squad goes missing, sidekick the Outcast has to rally a group of villains to save the world, but an even greater threat awaits them.

This omnibus includes all three novels of the Girl Power series plus the first volume of short stories!

Tales of the Scarlet Knight Collection Vol 1 : The Call

$ 4.99

For thousands of years the Order of the Scarlet Knight has battled the evil Black Dragoon. When Dr. Emma Earl answers the Call, she becomes the latest Scarlet Knight. As such she wears a suit of magic plate armor that gives her super strength, makes her bulletproof, and allows her to turn invisible. But not even these powers might be enough to help Emma defeat first the Black Dragoon, then an invasion by demons, and finally a vindictive goddess named Isis.

This collection also includes the prequel novella Dark Origins and Sisterhood, the origin of witch sisters Sylvia Joubert and Agnes Chiostro.

Tales of the Scarlet Knight Collection Vol 2 : The Wrath of Isis

$ 4.99

Dr. Emma Earl has destroyed the Black Dragoon and returned from the dead, but her greatest challenge is just beginning. In the last five novels of the Tales of the Scarlet Knight series, Emma faces off against a Russian gangster, an alien monster, and a gang of deadly assassins. She goes into the future to meet the next Scarlet Knight—her daughter Louise. But threatening that future is the return of the evil goddess Isis, who this time may be too powerful for Emma to defeat.

Includes Volumes 4-8 of the series.

Children of Eternity Omnibus

$ 4.99

Samantha Young wakes up on the island of Eternity with no idea of who she is or how she got there. She soon finds the island is populated by nearly 50 other children who live under the strict 17th Century rules of the Reverend Crane. Thus begins Samantha's journey to find how who she is and who the children of Eternity are.

This omnibus includes the entire series: Forever Young, Young Family, Young Hearts, and When You Were Young

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