Stock Swap

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Jake Cogger is sitting on top of the world as he goes to a cryptocurrency convention to give a presentation that should make his new currency a big hit.  As he's celebrating, he's interrupted by some goons who take him to the office of tech guru Gates Warren.  Using some stolen technology, Warren changes Jake into a beautiful young woman with enormous breasts.  Unless Jake agrees to sell his company to Warren, he'll be stuck that way forever!

When Jake meets an old flame, though, he thinks he's found a way out of his predicament.  But that only gets him in even deeper...

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I Wish I Were A Girl

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Mike meets the most gorgeous new employee, Brett.  There’s just one problem:  Brett is into girls.  That night Mike wishes he could be a girl so he could have Brett.  To his astonishment the next morning he wakes up as a girl!  But will his relationship with Brett be everything he hoped for?


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Planet 99 Publishing Sampler


Explore the universe of Planet 99 Publishing with these three stories:


Changed Into His Daughter's Little Sister by Ivana Johnson: a girl wishes her father would be cool, but never expects for him to be magically transformed into her little sister Cindy!

Mortal Sins by P.T. Dilloway: When a bank security guard's big moment is ruined by the superhero the Scarlet Knight, he plots to destroy her once and for all!

 Help, I've Become a Shopaholic! by Eric Filler: A man goes to a department store to investigate his wife's shopping sprees only to be changed into a gorgeous young woman with one thing on her mind: shopping!


 These stories are complete and unabridged.

Transformations Gender Swap Collection, Volume 6


Contains 6 gender swap stories:

The Magic Panties 2

The Exclusive

Swap, Swap, & Away!

From Boss to Goth

The Swapping Edge

From Boss to Goth 2

Gender Swap Warriors Trilogy

gs omnibus (2).jpg

Over a thousand years ago, the Galactic Conclave ruled peacefully over most of the galaxy. Then came Emperor Zoron and the brutal Starburst Order. Desperate to stop the Order, the Conclave created four ships that could combine into a weapon of unbelievable power. But just as the Conclave was turning the tide, the ship carrying the weapons crashed on a backwater planet called Earth...

In Book 1: Reunion: four frat pledges find the crashed alien ship. When they're bonded to the ship's crew, they're inadvertently turned into women! And now they're at the forefront of a renewed war against the Order.

In Book 2: Turncoat: The Order tries to infiltrate the Conclave by turning an ace pilot into a beautiful young woman. But when she falls in love, will she be able to fulfill her mission?

In Book 3: Legacy: Dan Blake is hunting one night when he finds another crashed alien ship. Soon he's joined with an alien princess, becoming a young woman with magic abilities that could save the Conclave--or destroy it.

Legacy (Gender Swap Warriors #3)


The exciting conclusion to the Gender Swap Warriors trilogy! A thousand years ago, the warriors of the Victord Force protected the galaxy from evil. When they were lost on a backwater planet called Earth, the evil Starburst Order took over most of the galaxy.

But before the Victord Force there was another weapon to protect the universe: a young woman named All'tu who had unique magical abilities. Her ship went missing--until one night a hunter named Dan Blake encounters All'tu's spirit. When it merges with his body, he turns into a beautiful young woman!

With the help of a brilliant young woman named Freddie, Dan manages to get All'tu's ship off Earth. Then she begins a journey to rediscover All'tu's power to help the Victord Force in their battle against the Starburst Order.

Turncoat (Gender Swap Warriors #2)


The Starburst Order has reigned over most of the galaxy for a thousand years.  But two years ago, four warriors from a backwater planet called Earth revived an ancient weapon:  the Victord Force.  With their four powerful space fighters, they dealt a severe blow to the Order and brought hope back to the galaxy.

Desperate to learn the secrets of the Victord Force, the Order recruits Flight Commander S'Olny, their best pilot, to infiltrate the group.  S'Olny doesn't expect for the evil witch Harat to change him into a beautiful human woman named Sally.  And he also doesn't expect to fall in love with one of his fellow pilots.

Can he betray her to complete his mission?

Corporate Gender Swap Omnibus


Three gender swap stories in Corporate America!

Climbing the Corporate Ladder:  When John gets Rachel's promotion, she changes him into her bimbo secretary and then uses her to blackmail her way to the top.

Swaps & Taxes:  After Ryder gets behind on his taxes, the Optimal Tax Agency agrees to buy his debt--if he agrees to become a woman and entertain their clients.

The Side Hustle:  Dale has tried a variety of side hustles but still is falling behind in his bills.  Then a friend tells him about a new side hustle:  an app that lets someone customize their ideal stripper.  With no other alternatives, Dale agrees to join.  Soon he's a hot young woman dancing for money--and doing a lot more!

The Side Hustle


Unable to find a steady job, Dale has been working a number of side hustles to try to pay the bills, but he's fallen farther and farther behind.  Evicted from his apartment with his car repossessed, Dale calls up an old friend for help.  His friend tells him of an app called Stripp that lets people customize the stripper they want.  Little do they know that someone is physically changed to become their fantasy.

With no other alternatives, Dale agrees to this latest side hustle.  Soon he's turned into a beautiful young stripper named Diamond to dance for clients--and more if they agree to pay for it.  Unlike his other side hustles, Dale starts to make a lot of money--and finds something far more valuable.

Gender Swap Shops Omnibus


Collecting all 8 books of the Gender Swap Shops series!

Swapping Mall 1-3 The mysterious Vedrana Ambrose purchases the old Westpath Mall, turning it into a haven where a man can become almost any type of woman for a day.
Repair Shop Swap: A mechanic who swindles the wrong customer is changed into a girl working at an oil change
Sweet Shop Swap: A candy store owner finds a book of recipes, one of which turns him into a gorgeous young woman
Bridal Shop Swap: To get over his fear of commitment, a man becomes a beautiful bride-to-be
Maternity Shop Swap: A pregnant woman convinces her unsupportive husband to become a pregnant woman for a day
Music Shop Swap: a washed-up guitarist becomes a young woman who gets a second chance at fame and fortune

Swapping Mall (Gender Swap Shops 1)

gs omnibus (10).jpg

The Westpath Mall went out of business a while ago, so when Byron gets a gift card to spend there, he's not sure what to expect. What he finds is a chance to become any kind of woman he wants to be for one day. When he's reluctant, the owner gives him "a sample" by turning him into a normal young woman.

But soon he decides to embrace this chance to become the girl of his dreams. It begins a night he'll never forget.

Repair Shop Swap              
(Gender Swap Shops #2)

gs omnibus (13).jpg

Years ago Ricky inherited his dad's car repair shop. To make ends meet, sometimes he has to get creative with his customers by charging them for things they don't need. When a middle-aged woman brings her Mercedes in, Ricky sees a chance to make some serious money.

Later, she takes him back to her bed--and then gets her revenge by turning him into a gorgeous young woman! Now Ricki is starting a new job at the Quik-E-Oil, where she's little more than a hostess. Can Ricki prove herself to her new co-workers as both a mechanic and a woman?

Swapping Mall 2
(Gender Swap Shops #3)

gs omnibus (15).jpg

For over twenty years, Erik Peete has been writing stories for the tabloid The Weekly Galaxy about Elvis sightings, UFOs, Bigfoot, and other unbelievable phenomenon. When a source tips him off to strange happenings at the old Westpath Mall, Erik goes to check it out.

There he meets Vedrana Ambrose, who has turned the mall into a place for a man to become the woman of his dreams for a day, week, or even forever. Not content merely to observe, Erik turns himself into a young Korean woman named Ye-Jun. He spends the night as a dominatrix at a massage parlor. And soon it becomes much more than just another tabloid story...

Sweet Shop Swap (Gender Swap Shops #4)

gs omnibus (24).jpg

After 85 years, Nadelli's Sweet Shop is closing. The latest owner, JR Nadelli, is cleaning up the basement when he stumbles upon a strange book of recipes. Making cannolis with a "dollop of man's joy" causes those who eat them to get very, very aroused.

Chocolate-covered strawberries with a drop of blood promise to grant the eater's "secret desire." When JR and his friend try the recipe, they're changed into beautiful young women! But is this what JR truly desires and can he save his store before it closes?

Bridal Shop Swap (Gender Swap Shops #5)

gs omnibus (26).jpg

When Brian cancels his wedding, he has to take back a gift card to the Westpath Mall. But he soon finds it's no ordinary mall: it's a place where a man can become almost any kind of woman for a day. Brian decides to become a gorgeous bride to try to get over his fear of commitment.

While out on an impromptu bachelorette party, Brian meets a bride-to-be and soon they're hitting it off. Will Brian decide to stay a woman? And will she decide to stay with him or go back to her fiancé?

Maternity Shop Swap (Gender Swap Shops #6)

gs omnibus (29).jpg

Lydia is pregnant, but Shane has been less than enthused about it. So Lydia gets a gift card to Vedrana Ambrose's swapping mall. For one day Shane will become a beautiful young pregnant woman. He'll go through all the stages of pregnancy with all the aches, pains, nausea, and cravings of a normal pregnant woman.

When Lydia takes him to a Lamaze class, Shane meets a teenage pregnant girl named Britney and they start to bond. Soon things are getting far more complicated--and dangerous--than Shane ever imagined.

Swapping Mall 3 (Gender Swap Shops #7)

gs omnibus (33).jpg

After the Westpath Mall closes, young Alex is going to graffiti the walls--until he suddenly finds himself back in 1972, before the mall opens, as a young hippie woman!

Four years later, a thief breaks into the old mall to learn its secrets. But when he steps into a video game store, he's taken back in time as a young woman. Over the course of the night, he's taken back to different points of the past as different women. Can he find a way out the mall or will he be trapped in time forever?

Music Shop Swap (Gender Swap Shops #8)

Music shop swap v2.jpg

Dean has always dreamed of being a guitar hero, but years after touring with rock bands, he's selling guitars and other instruments at Music Meisters. Then one night a girl comes in and challenges him to a contest for a guitar. When Dean loses, he not only gives her a guitar, he loses his manhood!

Suddenly Dean is a beautiful young woman playing bass in the girl's band. But soon an unexpected chance comes for Dean to achieve the fame and fortune as a musician he never had before. Can he make it happen this time around?

Swaps & Taxes

gs omnibus (27).jpg

"In this world nothing can be said to be certain, except death and taxes," Benjamin Franklin said. For Ryder Bennett, when he gets behind on his taxes, his certainty will be gender swaps.

To pay off his debt, he agrees to work for the Optimal Tax Agency, thinking they'll want him to do some paperwork or answer phones or other normal office work. Instead, they have something else in mind: they change Ryder into a variety of beautiful women to please men. How far will Ryder be willing to go to pay off his debt?

Guardians of the Swapverse

gs omnibus (34).jpg

The complete Kindle Vella series is now in one ebook!

Some mysterious force has been killing men who have gender swapped into women.  When this happens, their entire universe is erased from existence.  Eva Vantu, a gypsy woman with actual psychic talents, has sensed these disturbances and knows she cannot handle them by herself.

Eva travels time and space to recruit a team of gender swapped women from a half-dozen Eric Filler stories to battle this new threat.  But can even this team of powerful heroes save the universe before it's too late?

From Boss to Goth 2

gs omnibus (20).jpg

J. Allen Slade is head of the Midwest Commercial Bank and one of the richest and most powerful men in Chicago. His latest scheme is to create new luxury condos, but there's one chunk of property he doesn't control yet. This last piece of the puzzle is controlled by Agatha, a witch who owns the Heart of Darkness store for Goths.

When he tries to put Agatha out of business, she retaliates by changing Slade into a beautiful young Goth girl. Will a day as an unknown, penniless Goth girl give him a new worldview or will he refuse to give in?

Transformed Mega Bundle


47 gender swap stories featuring men being changed into schoolgirls, whores, geeks, dominatrixes, Goths, fat girls, MILFs, bimbos, cougars, brides, pregnant girls, maids, Asian girls, twins, and Futas! Now the groundbreaking Transformed gender swap series is available all in one volume for an amazing price!

Transformed Holiday Mega Bundle


28 holiday-themed gender swap stories all in one collection! Stories for Halloween, Election Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year's Eve, Valentine's Day, Mardi Gras, St. Patrick's Day, April Fool's Day, and Easter, plus stories for the big game, spring break, and summer vacation!

Climbing the Corporate Ladder

gs omnibus (22).jpg

John Banyon has just been promoted to a new job. Rachel thinks she should have gotten the promotion instead. After John gets drunk at a party, Rachel takes him home and steals some of his blood.

A few days later, Rachel shows up with a special crystal made from John's blood. With the crystal, she can turn John into anything she desires. She turns him into a young bimbo who works for her as her secretary. But soon Rachel realizes she can use John to seduce and get blackmail on company executives to make her way to the top.

Can John find a way to stop her before she reaches the top of the ladder?

Grandpa Got Run Over By a Reindeer (& Then Swapped)

grandpa got run over and then swapped.jpg

In a new twist on the holiday favorite, Billy Fish is a cantankerous old redneck who ignores the pleas of his family to go out into a freak snowstorm on Christmas Eve.  Suddenly he's run over by Santa's sleigh!

Using some Christmas magic, Santa brings Billy back to life--in the body of a gorgeous  young black woman!  As if that's not enough to deal with, Billy's brother-in-law has broken out of prison and come home to settle some scores with his family.

The Swapping Edge


Doug Gilchrist is a professional hockey player getting one last chance at glory when he's picked for the Olympic team.  In town he meets Melissa Fulton, a figure skater with her eye on the gold.  After a night of passion, they figure to never see each other again.

But then a car accident puts Melissa in a coma and cripples Doug.  Melissa's father has a solution to both of their problems:  turn Doug into Melissa!  If Doug can learn to figure skate and brings back the gold, he'll get to change back--if he still wants to.

Will Doug overcome the odds to win the gold?


gs omnibus (9).jpg

Martin and Heather have moved to Connecticut from New York and are having their first real Thanksgiving with Heather's family. She's determined to make it perfect and so when Martin accidentally ruins the pies, he's desperate to replace them. He goes to a local farmer's market and meets a strange old woman, who sells him two very special pies.

That night, Martin samples the pumpkin pie and turns into a hot young woman named Candi. And when Heather tries the pie, she turns into a dominatrix who's making Candi her submissive. But things get even crazier when Heather's parents come to visit.

From Boss to Goth

gs omnibus (6).jpg

Managing Coffee Current stores in the Chicago area has been Clay's dream job. His straight-laced, by-the-book style has made him the one corporate calls in to turn things around when a store struggles. Now he's getting called to the flagship location on Navy Pier in the city.

There he instantly runs into the biggest problem with the store: a Goth girl named Luna. When Clay tells Luna to take off her makeup, get rid of her piercings, and cover her tattoos, she quits instead. That night when Clay comes home, Luna ambushes him and forces him to take a potion.

The potion turns Clay into a girl! Soon Luna has made him over into a Goth like her. If he can handle a whole day like that, she'll leave and never come back. If he loses, he'll have to quit his job and let Luna go back to work.

Who will win this contest of wills?

This gender swap story is 15,000 words


gs omnibus (4)_edited.jpg

Twenty-two years ago, Melvin Michaels murdered his entire family and terrorized the town of Haldenville. Finally he is going to pay for his crimes by lethal injection. But instead, Michaels is secretly given a drug that causes his dying body to regenerate--as that of a teenage girl!

On Halloween in Haldenville, Lori Todd befriends a wild, mute girl named Myra Jenkins. She doesn't realize that by befriending Myra, she's making herself the next target of Melvin Michaels. Can Lori survive this Halloween?

This gender swap story is 25,000 words

The Exclusive


During 9/11, Will Roseman became a celebrated network news anchor, but he lost it all after a scandal with a girl in Germany. Reduced to working for a science and technology cable channel, he's doing a story on an inventor in Vermont who claims his machine can instantly turn back the clock. The machine has never been used on humans--until Will hits a button by accident. Suddenly he's transformed into a gorgeous young woman.

Now Will has a second chance to become a star anchor. But is he willing to do what it takes to get to the top? And will he make the same mistakes as before?

This exclusive gender swap story is 36,000 words

Swap, Swap, & Away!

Untitled presentation (3).jpg

Being the girlfriend of a superhero sounds like it would be great, but for Jane Jones it's not as great as it seems. Every time her boyfriend Clyde Kensler, aka Superb Man, takes off to fight criminals, mad scientists, or alien warlords, she's left to wonder if this time will be the time he doesn't come back.

Then an imp from another dimension offers her the wish of her heart: to switch places with Clyde for a day. Jane thinks she'll get Clyde's powers; she doesn't think she'll get his body to go along with it! Meanwhile, Clyde finds himself in Jane's body. But the imp with an axe to grind against Superb Man turns him into a gorgeous bimbo instead--a gorgeous bimbo who's soon on the run from gangsters.

Now that Jane is the hero, can she save Clyde--and the rest of the world--before it's too late?

This gender swap story is 25,000 words

The Magic Panties 2

magic panties 2.jpg

For four years, Jordan has yearned for Michiko, but she hasn't so much looked at him all this time.  Then his best friend offers him a solution:  if he wears a stolen pair of Michiko's panties and recites a magic spell, the next morning Michiko will be his.

But it doesn't work the way Jordan imagines:  the next morning he wakes up as a beautiful young woman!  It seems like a disaster--until Michiko takes notice of him and becomes his new best friend.  Now he has the girl of his dreams--so long as he remains a girl.  But can Jordan keep her or will he finally have Michiko only to lose her?


swapnado pb.jpg

For nearly ten years Cam and Sean have chased storms in and around Texas and Oklahoma. While lifelong friends, they're two very different people: Cam the golden boy former quarterback and Sean the down-to-earth brains of the operation.

Everything changes when they encounter a storm unlike any they've ever seen: a pink tornado! The tornado has absorbed an experimental chemical that when Cam and Sean are exposed to it, changes them into girls. But that's not all! Now Cam is a scrawny, plain young lady and Sean is a gorgeous blonde bimbo. As they begin picking up the pieces, their lives take radically different turns.

But when a second storm threatens Oklahoma City, can Cam and Sean find a way to keep what happened to them from happening to thousands of others?

This gender swap novel is 80,000 words.



After retiring a millionaire at the age of 50, Dudley Carrington decides to shake things up by buying a classic 1958 Thunderbird and traveling the length of the old Route 66 from Chicago to Los Angeles.

At a rest stop in Oklahoma, Dudley meets a beautiful hitchhiker named Caroline, who's looking for a ride to LA. When they check into a motel that night, Caroline reveals she's a witch, who turns Dudley into a woman! If Dudley wants to change back, he'll have to take Caroline to LA.

Along the way, he starts learning about Caroline's past and what she wants in Los Angeles. And he finds himself falling for this mysterious woman...

Pool Hustle Swap (Swap Games #1)


JJ Grovner is a small-time pool hustler in Honolulu until one night a mysterious stranger comes in to challenge him to a game of pool. If JJ wins, he gets twenty million in gold. If he loses, he loses his most valuable possession: his talent for pool. When the game is disrupted, the stranger decides to take JJ's second-most valuable possession: his manhood.

Now JJ is a gorgeous young woman. If she wants to get her manhood back, she has to win the rematch with the stranger during a tournament on Maui. If she loses, she'll lose a lot more than her manhood...

Swap Poker (Swap Games #2)


Cody is having the night of his life. He's on an epic hot streak at the poker table of a Native American casino. He's doing so well he's invited upstairs to a high roller game.

That's when his luck suddenly takes a turn for the worse. Soon not only has Cody lost what he won, he owes the casino a lot of money. The only way to pay his losses back is to take a potion that turns him into a gorgeous bimbo to entertain another high roller for an evening. It's an evening where he wins a lot more than money.

Mulligan (Swap Games #3)


In golf, a Mulligan is a do-over. Bad boy golfer Lyle Grayling's life gets a mulligan when a rival has a witch cast a spell that turns Lyle into a young woman named Lyla.

Instead of playing golf's most prestigious events, Lyle is one of the worst players on a high school team. But as he tries to adjust to being a young woman and works on his game, he starts to realize that this mulligan might not be such a bad thing after all.

Role Play (Gender Swap Therapy #1)


Miles and Debbie have been married for a long time--and their marriage has been bad for a long time. Their regular therapist finally sends them to Dr. Evelyn Strange, a unique kind of therapist. She gives Miles a magic wand and asks him to turn Debbie into his greatest fantasy, which turns out to be a gorgeous young cheerleader named Vicki. Then she gives the wand to Debbie, who changes Miles into her fantasy: a young Asian girl named Cindy.

Until the next morning, Miles and Debbie will be the other's fantasy--and find out a lot about themselves. Will this save their troubled marriage or will they even want to stay married after a night neither will ever forget?

Exposure (Gender Swap Therapy #2)


Patrick Calvin is a 43-year-old virgin. He's never even got to second base with a woman in all that time. His therapist sends him to the office of Dr. Evelyn Strange, who specializes in paranormal psychology.

She decides to try exposure therapy by turning Patrick into a beautiful young woman. Now Patty has to spend the next twenty-four hours as a woman. Will he finally score? Or will his losing streak continue?

Conversion (Gender Swap Therapy #3)


Don Bloch is a terrible man. He's racist, misogynist, homophobic, xenophobic, anti-Semitic, and generally just awful. After repeated accusations of harassment and abuse of his co-workers, his brother gives him an ultimatum: get therapy from Dr. Evelyn Strange, a specialist in paranormal psychology, or lose his job.

With his job prospects outside his current one not looking really bright, Don takes the therapy. But he's not prepared for what the doctor has in store: she changes him into a young Haitian girl. For the next twenty-four hours he's just about everything he hates. Will he learn a lesson about tolerance or is he too stubborn to change?

Reunion (Gender Swap Warriors)

gender swap warriors.jpg

Three frat boys are forced to spend a night in the forest with no supplies.  It gets worse when they discover an alien ship--piloted by an alien trying to kill them!  Taking refuge in a cave, they find another alien ship and accidentally turn its defenses on.  There's an explosion..

Taylor, Chase, and Spencer wake up to find themselves turned into women--women carrying the memories of alien warriors who have spent a thousand years in a war with the evil Starburst Order.  Now it's up to these humans to take up the battle and save the galaxy!

Hero to Shero


For years mighty Prince Altor has protected the kingdom of Meteria from the evil Lord Boniface. After months of peace, though, Boniface returns with a magic staff. With this staff, Boniface turns Altor into an ordinary girl!

Years later, sweet young Alta dreams of marrying her beloved Jobun and starting a family of her own. That is until Jobun is called to join the army and then disappears. Soon after, Alta's village is destroyed by Lord Boniface. With nothing left of her simple new life, she must undertake a dangerous journey to find the power to defeat Boniface once and for all.

This gender swap novella is 33,500 words.

Naughty or Nice 4


With most everyone on Howell Court going away for the holiday, it's the perfect time for Bernie Rotterdam to take his Christmas presents from a few unoccupied homes. But when he goes to 666 Howell Court, he finds there's someone still home--and she's a witch! She turns him into a girl and if he wants to be a man again, he'll have to be nice until Christmas morning.

The Magic Panties


Matt's girlfriend has been in Tokyo for two months, leaving him on his own. When a museum calls with a freelance photography job for him that night, it could be a huge break for his career--and his finances. But there's just one problem: he doesn't have any clean underwear! Matt finds a pair of his girlfriend's panties and figures it can't hurt to wear women's underwear just for a few hours.

When he puts these panties on, though, he finds himself changed into a beautiful young woman! Determined to still get the gig, he decides to go as a woman, but it will be a lot more difficult than he ever thought.

This gender swap story is 12,000 words.

Presto Change-O


Retired and with an empty nest, Bobby and Laurie buy an old house hoping to flip it for enough money to do some traveling. While down in the basement, Bobby finds a hidden room full of old magic tricks--and a book. Reading from the book, Bobby turns himself into a young woman! When Laurie reads from the book and becomes a young woman, it starts to put a strain on a marriage that's lasted over forty years.

Will their love survive? Or will they use their new youth to make lives apart from each other?

This gender swap novella is 22,000 words.

Presto Change-O 2

misc covers 2.jpg

After a long career as a professional critic, Paul Crowe's career has hit the skids. Desperate for money, he takes an assignment to review the show of Mesmero the hypnotist in Reno, Nevada. But Mesmero turns out to be the genuine article, with the power to bend people to his will. He can even turn Paul into a gorgeous young bimbo named Paula. Is there any way for Paul to break Mesmero's hold on him or will he be forced to spend the rest of his life as a girl?

This gender swap story is 8000 words.

Presto Change-O 3

presto 3.jpg

In Manhattan in 1928, famous stage magician Harold Howser is starting to lose business to an upstart called Preston the Great. Preston's Vanishing Man trick has baffled everyone--including Harold. Wanting to get a better look, Harold sneaks backstage--and gets a much better look when he becomes the next Vanishing Man!

Harold wakes up halfway around the word as a young woman named Zenna. To get back to America and force Preston to change her back, she teaches a handsome young man to become a magician. And in the process, she learns about real magic.

Night at the Carnival


One night college roommates Dennis and Randy go to the carnival to relive old times. When they go to the tent of Madame Ursula to get their fortunes read, Dennis accidentally breaks the fortune teller's crystal ball.

The next morning Dennis and Randy wake up to find themselves transformed into young women. Trying to get Madame Ursula to change them back only ends up making things worse. Can they find a way to convince her before the carnival leaves town and they're stuck as women?

Night at the Carnival 2


Every summer the town of Hainesville, Nebraska holds a county fair. Otis Kellogg is spending his last summer in Hainesville working at the fair to make a little spending money for school in the fall. A co-worker warns him not to stay at the fair after dark, especially not alone. For every year, the spirit of an evil clown named Slap-Happy murders someone alone after dark at the fair.

But when Otis is forced to work overtime, he becomes Slap-Happy's latest target. As the spirit of the evil clown closes in, Otis finds himself changed into a beautiful young woman. By the time the night is over, will he lose a lot more than his manhood?

This gender swap novella is 12,000 words.

Night at the Carnival 3

night carnival 3.jpg

Freddie comes home from college to avoid his psycho ex-girlfriend Angie. But when he has to take his little sister to the carnival, Angie poisons his cotton candy, turning him into a gorgeous young woman! Now not only is he a woman, but also he's stuck with his crazy ex--unless he can find a way to get rid of her and change back.

This gender swap story is 12,000 words



For 10 years Dirk has plied the waters of the Bermuda Triangle, salvaging old wrecks and sometimes fishing to earn his keep. One night a storm comes from nowhere and a ship that sunk months ago destroys Dirk's boat and pulls him down into the cold Atlantic.

When Dirk wakes up, he finds himself on a ghost ship called the White Whale II. There he meets Charlie, a pilot who was lost in the Triangle 75 years earlier. Charlie and nearly eighty others have all wound up on the White Whale II, where they live under the tyranny of the psychotic Sybil. The ship and everyone on it are Sybil's playthings to do with as she pleases.

Sybil likes all of her subjects to be pretty and so Dirk finds himself changed into a gorgeous young woman. But that's only the beginning of their contest of wills. Can Dirk find a way to liberate himself and the others from Sybil's evil clutches or will he be forever trapped in a Hell of Sybil's making?

This gender swap novella is 36,000 words.



Adult film star Jeremy Ronning has been a staple in the industry for years thanks to his famously large unit. But as he gets older, it's getting harder and harder to keep it hard. During a long day of filming, a co-star offers him a supplement that instantly gets Jeremy energized to perform.

But soon he realizes the supplement has a horrible side effect: each time he gets aroused, his unit gets smaller and his body more feminine. Unless he can find a way to change back, he could lose everything.

Mr. Big Gets Swapped


Joe Custer always gets what he wants. What he wants right now is the farm belonging to Helena Monroe so he can bulldoze it and put up a new golf course and resort. But when Monroe refuses to sell, Joe goes to her farm to force her compliance. That's when he finds out Monroe is a witch with the power to turn him into a sweet young woman named Joey. Can he find a way to change himself back or will he be Joey forever?

The Sorcerer's Apprentice


For years Serge has dreamed of being a powerful sorcerer like his master instead of merely sweeping the floors of his master's shop. One day his master goes into the woods to look for ingredients, leaving Serge in charge of a shop. When a woman comes in to ask for a potion, Serge tries to make it himself.

When something goes wrong, Serge finds himself turned into a beautiful woman! As shocking as this is, Serge soon realizes it could be the opportunity he's been waiting for to win the heart of the woman of his dreams. Or will it end up as another disaster?

The Last Encore: A Novella


(Formerly The Comeback by Eric Filler)


​Most of the world has given up on 80s rocker Alex Axx--including Alex himself. His life has become a series of small venues, binge-drinking, and one-night stands with fading groupies.

During a festival in Michigan, a drunk Alex falls off the stage only to wake up in a rehab facility as a teenage girl. Acquainting himself with a new body is difficult, but not as difficult as acquainting himself with feelings he hasn't experienced in decades. He falls in love with another patient, but far too soon he's whisked away by his former manager--now his guardian--to take part in a televised talent show as Alexa Axelrod.

The new career brings new fame for Alex, but will he make the same mistakes the second time around?

Swapp Omnibus


Swapp: Get the body you want instantly!

Swapp is unlike any app every created. The Artificial Mobile Intelligence or Ami lets you change your body however you want. Whether it's something small like a new hairstyle or a whole new body as the opposite sex, Swapp can make your dreams come true. Consider these testimonials from some satisfied users:

In Beta Test, Ludwig is an unhappy young man who receives an offer to try Swapp. On a lark he makes himself into the beautiful Charlene. Soon he finds that being a gorgeous woman isn't all it's cracked up to be.

In Parental Controls, Marshall's daughter is going to be spending the summer on remote Fishhook Island. Using Swapp, Marshall becomes a young woman who goes undercover on the island. But her mission is complicated when a police detective starts to investigate.

In Hot Swap, coworkers Roy and Jen make an idle bet about who could do better as the opposite gender. With Swapp they can make the bet a reality. Roy becomes the beautiful Royce and Jen becomes the sexy Joe. They soon find that being the opposite sex isn't as easy as they thought.

And in Jailbreak, computer hacker Morgan Casey is facing a life sentence until Royce offers him Swapp to help him escape. The catch is that he has to make himself a young woman to infiltrate a software company trying to create a copy of Swapp. The mission is already dangerous and difficult before he falls in love with his coworker.

Swapp: Beta Test


Swapp: get the body you've always wanted--instantly!

All his life, Ludwig has never fit in. Then someone tells him to try Swapp. Thinking it's just a game, he makes himself a gorgeous young woman. With the tap of the screen, suddenly he's the beautiful Charlene! But while Swapp can change the outside, Charlene soon finds the inside is much more diffiuclt.

Swapp: Parental Controls

swapp parent2.jpg

Swapp: You can become anyone in seconds!

When Marshall's ex-wife says she's taking their daughter Izzie to remote Fishhook Island for the whole summer, he's heartbroken to think he won't see his daughter for months. But then he's alerted to the Swapp app and hatches a desperate plan to get close to her. The scheme is complicated when a police detective starts to stick her nose in Marshall's business.

One thing's for sure: it's a summer he won't forget.

Swapp: Hot Swap

swapp hot2.jpg

Swapp:  Get the Body You Dreamed Of Instantly!


​For years Roy and Jen have worked in the IT department of Douglas-Richmond Industries. One day over lunch Roy finally gets tired of hearing about Jen's bad date and tells her that women have things much easier than men. There seems no real way to prove it until they receive ads for Swapp, promising to give them the bodies they've always dreamed of.

With Swapp, Jen becomes a well-endowed man named Joe and Roy becomes a beautiful young woman named Royce. They soon find that life isn't easy for any gender.

This gender swap novella is 26,000 words.

Swapp: Jailbreak

swapp jail.jpg

With Swapp you're free to be who you really are!

After more than ten years as a criminal hacker, Morgan Casey has spent the last two years in prison. Sentenced to life without parole, there seems to be no way out--until a woman visits him with a unique opportunity. All Morgan has to do is install Swapp, change his appearance, and he can walk out a free man.

But in return, he'll have to infiltrate a software company in northern California to find and destroy a copy of Swapp the company is working on. To do that, Morgan has to become a young woman named Ellie. She soon finds the mission is going to be a lot harder than she thought as she falls in love with a coworker and has to stop the company's head of security from killing her new friends.

This gender swap novel is 65,000 words.

The Changing Room

changing room1.jpg

In a certain department store there's a fitting room that can suddenly change a man into a woman.

In "Women's Wear," Ford is frustrated with how long his girlfriend takes to pick out new clothes. When he goes into the changing room, he comes out as an attractive young woman. Soon he realizes that being a woman isn't as easy as he thought.

In "Bridal Wear," Chad has been unwilling to pop the question to his girlfriend Miranda. Then he goes into the changing room and is turned into a gorgeous bimbo named Chastity. When Chastity meets an older gentleman, though, she soon learns the hard way about commitment.

And in "Maternity Wear," Todd has been reluctant to have a baby with his wife, Rory. When he goes into the changing room, he comes out as a woman in her third trimester! Soon he's experiencing the aches, pains, and cravings of pregnancy. But will he really have a baby? And what will happen to him once he does?

This gender swap novel is 54,000 words.

The Changing Room 2

changing room2 amazon3.jpg

In a certain department store there's a fitting room that can suddenly change a man into a girl.

In "Junior Miss," Scott has become estranged from his teenage daughter Cassie and wishes he could somehow reconnect with her. When he goes into the changing room, he's suddenly turned into a teenage girl! His daughter takes him under her wing and soon he's finding out a lot he never knew about her. But what happens if she finds out who he really is? And will he ever change back?

Roomie Swap


Buddy has been a loser all his life. The closest he can get to sex is through is laptop or spying on his roommates. One lonely Saturday night he starts to receive mysterious messages offering a cure called Fem-Me. When Buddy finally gives in, he's turned into a gorgeous woman! Soon he finds himself getting lucky in ways he never dreamed of.

The 12 Swaps of Christmas

12 swaps of christmas.jpg

On Christmas Eve, Taylor comes home to find his neighbor Clare has committed suicide. He can't understand why a healthy, beautiful young woman would kill herself. What could have driven her to it?

On his doorstep he finds a plain brown box with no return address. Inside is an ornament of a girl with a drum. After hanging it on his tree, Taylor finds himself back in time--as the drummer girl! He soon finds out his reason for being there when he runs into Clare.

Each day a new ornament comes, taking Taylor to a different point of Clare's life. Slowly he starts to unravel the tapestry of her life. But can he stop her from killing herself before the final ornament arrives?

This holiday gender swap novel is 53,000 words.

Gender Swap Outbreak Omnibus


This omnibus collects the entire Gender Swap Outbreak Trilogy. Also included is an alternate scene and outline for the alternate ending to Part 3: Patient Zero!

The Swap: a strange new disease that starts by turning a man into a woman or a boy into a girl. As the disease takes root in its host, the feminization becomes more severe. In adults it leads to personality changes, a preoccupation with sex, and a violent temper. In children leads to psychosis, violence, and a craving for human flesh. There is no known cure...

Infection: It begins on an ordinary night in rural Alabama, as Sheriff Bobby Guin comes across a fatal accident. When he's attacked by a sexy woman inside the vehicle, he doesn't think too much of it--until the next morning he wakes up as a woman. With each passing day the Swap takes its toll, turning Bobby more into a woman, and more into a sex-crazed maniac. And with it, the disease begins taking its toll on Bobby's family as well...

Mutation: Deputy Joe Wallace and his new bride Kate get an urgent phone call from her mother that the National Guard is moving into town. When they go to town, they find it closed off by armed guards who try to kill them rather than risk their secrets getting out.

Joe and Kate sneak into town to find her mother being devoured by a little girl who turns on them. Joe and Kate stop her, but are wounded in the process. They pass out only to wake up as little girls! As they try to learn the truth of what's happening to them and their town, they have to fight strange new urges threatening to make them into monsters.

Patient Zero: For 18 months Captain Dashiell Fairborn and his squad have battled the Swap. Then they're sent on a desperate mission to recpature Bobbi Guin, Patient Zero. Except soon Dash and his squad find themselves infected with a new version of the Swap, one that might let them find a cure.

As Dash and his squad adjust to being women, they have to undertake a dangerous journey to Mobile, Alabama to locate Jo Wallace, the source of the deadly Swap in children. But the Swap isn't all they have to worry about; some see a way to control the Swap and take ultimate power for themselves.

Can Dash and his team save the world or will they die trying?

Infection (Gender Swap Outbreak #1)


The Swap: a strange new disease that starts by turning a man into a woman or a boy into a girl. As the disease takes root in its host, the feminization becomes more severe. In adults it leads to personality changes, a preoccupation with sex, and a violent temper. In children leads to psychosis, violence, and a craving for human flesh. There is no known cure...

It begins on an ordinary night in rural Alabama, as Sheriff Bobby Guin comes across a fatal accident. When he's attacked by a sexy woman inside the vehicle, he doesn't think too much of it--until the next morning he wakes up as a woman. With each passing day the Swap takes its toll, turning Bobby more into a woman, and more into a sex-crazed maniac. And with it, the disease begins taking its toll on Bobby's family as well...

Mutation (Gender Swap Outbreak #2)


The Swap: a strange new disease that starts by turning a man into a woman or a boy into a girl. As the disease takes root in its host, the feminization becomes more severe. In adults it leads to personality changes, a preoccupation with sex, and a violent temper. In children leads to psychosis, violence, and a craving for human flesh. There is no known cure...

Deputy Joe Wallace and his new bride Kate get an urgent phone call from her mother that the National Guard is moving into town. When they go to town, they find it closed off by armed guards who try to kill them rather than risk their secrets getting out.

Joe and Kate sneak into town to find her mother being devoured by a little girl who turns on them. Joe and Kate stop her, but are wounded in the process. They pass out only to wake up as little girls! As they try to learn the truth of what's happening to them and their town, they have to fight strange new urges threatening to make them into monsters.

Part 2 of a special gender swap trilogy by best-selling authors Eric Filler, Ivana Johnson, and P.T. Dilloway!

Patient Zero (Gender Swap Outbreak #3)


The Swap: a strange new disease that starts by turning a man into a woman or a boy into a girl. As the disease takes root in its host, the feminization becomes more severe. In adults it leads to personality changes, a preoccupation with sex, and a violent temper. In children leads to psychosis, violence, and a craving for human flesh. There is no known cure...

For 18 months Captain Dashiell Fairborn and his squad have battled the Swap. Then they're sent on a desperate mission to recpature Bobbi Guin, Patient Zero. Except soon Dash and his squad find themselves infected with a new version of the Swap, one that might let them find a cure.

As Dash and his squad adjust to being women, they have to undertake a dangerous journey to Mobile, Alabama to locate Jo Wallace, the source of the deadly Swap in children. But the Swap isn't all they have to worry about; some see a way to control the Swap and take ultimate power for themselves.

Can Dash and his team save the world or will they die trying?

The conclusion to the Gender Swap Outbreak trilogy from bestselling authors Eric Filler, Ivana Johnson, and P.T. Dilloway.

Gender Swap Haunted House


Lance Price has spent eight years working in the sub-subbasement of Reinholm Industries. Then he receives a mysterious note offering him a million dollars. All he has to do is spend one night in a house, entertaining Mr. Reinholm's wife. There's just one problem: Mr. Reinholm's wife Sharon died twenty-six years ago! But if Lance wants that million dollars, he'll have to do everything Sharon wants--even if that means being turned into a woman for the night.

This gender swap story is 11,000 words.

From Body Shamer to Body Shamed


After Louis humiliates an overweight girl, he wakes up the next morning as a morbidly obese girl named Lucille. Before Louis was the most popular kid at school, but now high school is a nightmare of teasing. Then he meets a couple of girls who take him under their wings and allow him to accept his new body. But will he ever go back to his original body or will he be stuck as an overweight girl forever?

Gender Swap Heroes Omnibus

gender swap heroes omnibus.jpg

or the first time ever, the entire Gender Swap Heroes saga in one collection!

In Secret Origins, the world's two greatest superheroes are turned into teenage girls. While one becomes pretty and popular, the other becomes a socially awkward nerd. But when a new threat arises, they'll have to put aside their differences to save the world.

In Speed Demons, Dr. Alan Bassett is turned into a young woman with superspeed by a lab experiment. As Allison begins to acclimate to her new life as a girl and a superhero, an enemy from her past returns to try to take over the world.

And in Resistance, following a supervillain's attack on Washington DC, the government begins recruiting its own superheroes. Wounded in the attack, Major Roger Stevens is eager to try a formula to give him superpowers. But it comes with the side effect of turning him into a teenage girl. Now she has to bring her team together to restore order to the world, but a new threat may be too powerful for even all of the world's superpowered heroes.

Secret Origins (Gender Swap Heroes #1)

secret origin.jpg

Dark Specter and Golden Idol are the greatest superheroes in the world, but they're not super friends. When a strange object falls from the sky, they race to stop it only to find themselves changed into teenage girls. Now instead of fighting crime they're in high school, only in different social circles: Golden Idol becomes part of the cheerleader squad while Dark Specter is exiled to the nerds. But when the world is threatened by an unstoppable menace, they'll have to join forces to save the day.

Speed Demons (Gender Swap Heroes #2)


Dr. Alan Bassett was a brilliant scientist, loving husband, and caring father. Then an alien artifact explodes in his lab and turns him into a beautiful young woman with the ability to run at nearly the speed of sound. As Allison struggles with her new identity and abilities, she starts to learn what it means to be a hero. But when an enemy from her past shows up, bent on revenge, Allison will have to risk everything to save the world.

Resistance (Gender Swap Heroes #3)

resistance pb.jpg

After a supervillain nearly destroyed Washington DC, the government decides it needs its own team of superheroes. Badly wounded in the attack, Major Roger Stevens is ready for some payback--even if it means being a guinea pig for a top secret superpower formula. While Roger gets super-strength and invulnerability, there's one little side-effect: the formula turns him into a teenage girl named Rose.

That doesn't dissuade the government from signing up three more recruits, all military criminals looking to stay out of prison. Rose has to bring her ragtag team together and eliminate the rogue "superheroes" out there to make the world safe. But there are threats looming that not even a superhero might be able to stop.

Clear History


Hell is real. Eric Jung finds this out when his car accidentally goes off a cliff. As his punishment he's turned into a girl who's the combination of all those women he lusted after: a Geeky Asian Goth Dominatrix Bimbo Schoolgirl. He's sent back to Earth as the beautiful, dim-witted Erica Jong, who's soon making friends with her new classmates. After a night with a strange man named Luc, though, Erica wakes up to find she's pregnant!

This gender swap erotica story is 19,000 words.



Featuring three gender swap novels!

Papa's New Bag: When a scientist's experiment accidentally turns him into a woman, he finds a new chance at love and reconnecting with his daughter.

Casting Change: When the star of his movie gets pregnant, a Hollywood producers uses a magic potion to make himself into her identical twin to finish the movie.

The Comeback: a washed-up rocker is turned into a young woman and becomes a hit on a popular reality TV show. But this new lease on life comes with a price.

Transformations Vol 2


Nine complete gender swap erotica novels that include:
The Incredible Shrinking Manhood
From Restaurateur to Waitress
The Hot Girl in the Men's Room
From Head Coach to Head Cheerleader
I've Become My Farm Girl Fantasy
My Wife Changed Me Into a Pinup Girl Too
I've Become My Schoolgirl Fantasy Too
I've Become My Asian Girl Fantasy Too
Sisters in Arms

Transformations Vol 3


Featuring 8 stories of men turned into gorgeous women:
My Wife Changed Me Into a Geek Girl Too: A wife is fed up with her husband's behavior and changes him into a geek girl
From Homeless to Goddess: A homeless man digs in the wrong dumpster and turns into a beautiful woman
The Cage: Stranded on a distant planet, a space pilot is turned into a female companion for a lonely astronaut
Top to Bottom: A jock is turned into a petite young woman
My Roommate Changed Me Into a Goth Girl 2: A man's new roommate turns him into a Goth girl
Rich Man, Poor Girl: To win a bet, a rich man allows himself to be turned into a poor girl
One Night in Bangkok: A businessman becomes a ladyboy on the streets of Bangkok
I Wish I Were A Girl: To win a straight man, a gay man becomes a woman

Transformations Vol 4


This gender swap omnibus contains 8 gender swap stories:
The Sorcerer's Apprentice
The Changing Room
The Changing Room 2
From Body Shamer to Body Shamed
Gender Swap Haunted House
Clear History
The 12 Swaps of Christmas
AND Roomie Swap by Naomi Caged!

24 Hour Gender Swap Omnibus

24 omnibus2.jpg

For those who have a problem no one else can help with, there's the mysterious Mrs. Vantu. With potions and charms she can help someone solve their worst problems, though often in unexpected ways. In this omnibus are 14 of her biggest challenges like a woman who wants to teach her womanizing boss a lesson, a girl who shows her sister's boyfriend about being a hot girl, a cop who becomes a whore to find a serial killer, a thief who burgles the wrong house, a wife so desperate for a baby she turns her husband into a woman, and more!

24 Hour Woman


Nelson is an unrepentant womanizer. His secretary Estelle finally gets tired of his sexist ways and goes to Mrs. Vantu, a woman who specializes in potions and charms. She gives Estelle a potion that turns Nelson into a gorgeous woman for 24 hours. Will he realize the error of his ways or go back to his philandering ways?

24 Hour Schoolgirl


After popular jock Nick dumps his cheerleader girlfriend Jenny, Jenny's sister decides to teach him a lesson.  She slips him a potion that turns him into a gorgeous schoolgirl for 24 hours.  Nicki soon starts to realize that her world is not all it's cracked up to be.

24 Hour Whore


For months a killer known only as "the Sinful Strangler" has stalked the streets, murdering ladies of the night like a modern Jack the Ripper. Lieutenant Lou Crawford decides on a desperate plan: he seeks out a mysterious woman who sells to him a formula that will change him into a woman for one 24 hours. Disguised as the beautiful Lulu, he goes undercover as a prostitute. But will Lou find the Strangler before he kills again? And how far is he willing to go to maintain his cover?

24 Hour Pregnancy

24 preggo.jpg

For years Karen and Mitch have been trying conceive a child. Karen finally goes to the mysterious Mrs. Vantu for something to help her conceive. But after Mitch destroys the charm, Mrs. Vantu gives Karen a potion that turns Mitch into a pregnant woman. Being turned into a woman is bad. Being turned into a pregnant woman is worse. Being a pregnant woman going through all nine months in a single day is hell. But if Mitch survives it, he and his wife will finally have a child--or so he hopes.

24 Hour Goth Girl

24 goth.jpg

Young Raleigh visits the home of the mysterious Mrs. Vantu determined to shut down her cottage industry of potions and charms. But when she tricks him into trying one of her potions, he finds himself changed into what he hates the most: a slutty Goth girl. In a skimpy black dress, heavy makeup, and occult jewelry, he undertakes a journey through the city in the dead of night. Along the way he discovers what it means to be a woman and learns the truth about Mrs. Vantu's past.

24 Hour Geek Girl

24 GEEK.jpg

For fifteen years Callie has been a fan of the sci-fi TV show Phobos. Now a dream is coming true with her fan script being read by the cast of the show at the big PhoboCon convention. There's just one problem: her boyfriend Donnie won't go with her. Callie seeks out the mysterious Mrs. Vantu for a potion that's supposed to make Donnie like the same things as her. Instead it turns him into a gorgeous geek girl. It's a story that could have been ripped from The Twilight Zone, but for Donnie it's happening for real. Will his story have a happy ending?

24 Hour Asian Girl

24 ASIAN.jpg

When Marta finds her husband has become obsessed with an app to spy on Japanese schoolgirls, she goes to the mysterious Mrs. Vantu for help. The next morning, Nat wakes up as Natsuke with no memory of who he's supposed to be or how he got there. For Natsuke, life isn't all group showers and pillow fights; there are nasty teachers and bullies to make her stay miserable. But when the hottest girl in school takes an interest in her, things start looking up for Natsuke.

24 Hour Maid

24 maid.jpg

Penelope wants her boyfriend Finn to clean up his act, but he isn't cooperating. In desperation she goes to the mysterious Mrs. Vantu, who gives her a potion that will make Finn neater. But it doesn't go as planned when Finn turns into a gorgeous young Irish maid named Fiona. As Fiona takes it upon herself to clean every square inch of Penelope and Finn's apartment, Penelope finds herself falling for her new maid.

24 Hour Bride

24 bride.jpg

After eight years of being together, Johnny dumps his girlfriend Sandra. She goes to the mysterious Mrs. Vantu, who gives her a potion that turns Johnny into a woman. Now he has twenty-four hours to find a mate and get married--and consummate it--or he'll be stuck as a woman forever. After he meets the gorgeous, rich Andrew he thinks he's found the answer to his problems, but can he walk down the aisle in time?

24 Hour Halloween Gender Swap

24 halloween.jpg

Every Halloween, Henry makes his girlfriend Britney dress up in a sexy costume and go to a party at his old frat. Finally getting tired of that, Britney goes to the mysterious Mrs. Vantu and gets a potion that for this Halloween will change Henry into a gorgeous bimbo. But is she going to get more than she bargained for this year?

24 Hour Baby Mama

24 hour baby.jpg

In the final story in the 24 hour gender swap series, Mrs. Vantu's young charges Jackie and Raleigh face being put in a foster home when Child Protective Services agent Norman Krasner pays a visit. When Norman refuses to look the other way, Mrs. Vantu slips him a potion that turns him into a young woman named Norma.

While sampling the delights of youth, Norma goes to bed with a young man and wakes up the next morning with morning sickness and a bulging tummy. She's pregnant! When the father of the child wants nothing to do with it, Norma is on her own with a bundle of joy she never expected.

Casting Change

casting change.jpg

For years Gus Blomqvist has been a successful Hollywood producer, but after an expensive flop, he's on the outs with the studios. His only hope for redemption is a new movie--if he can recruit America's sweetheart, Lizzy Siskind, who is also his ex-wife. Visiting Lizzy, Gus finds there's just one slight hitch: Lizzy is pregnant with his child!

Desperate to find a way to pull off the movie, Gus seeks out a mysterious woman who makes a magic potion. With it, Gus becomes an exact duplicate of Lizzy Siskind! But being in front of the camera as the world's most famous actress is a lot more difficult than Gus ever realized from behind-the-scenes.

Will this story have a Hollywood ending or will it be the flop to end Gus's career forever?

The Cage


When his ship’s hyperdrive breaks down in the middle of nowhere, Captain Trace Hauser and his mechanoid sidekick land on what they think is an unexplored planet. But over 300 years ago a NASA astronaut was stranded on the planet. Something on the planet has given him the almost god-like power over reality. The only thing he can’t do is create a mate for himself. And so as Trace explores the planet, he suddenly finds himself turned into a gorgeous young woman and forced to be an astronaut’s wife. Unless Trace can find the secret of the planet, he’ll be trapped in this cage forever!


This gender swap novella is 14,300 words.

Dark Gender Swap Omnibus

dark gender swap omnibus pb.jpg

Some gender swap stories are light and happy--these are not that. These are five gender swap novellas featuring dark situations and endings that are anything but Happily Ever After. This omnibus includes:
Simone Says
Office Girl
The Party Favor
Schoolgirl Daze

Simone Says (Dark Gender Swap #1)


Conrad has been cheating on his wife Simone, and when she finds out, she decides to take revenge.  She puts him under a spell that so that every time she utters "Simone Says," he has to do whatever she tells him--even if that means turning into a woman.  Just how far will Simone take this game?

Office Girl (Dark Gender Swap #2)


Over 40, living in a homeless shelter, and utterly alone, Abner has been a loser his whole life. When he gets an interview at Sundstrom, Inc, he thinks it's a chance to turn his life around. But after taking the job, his new boss informs him of a job requirement: he has to become a gorgeous young woman. Now in addition to typing, answering phones, and some light filing, he's getting to know his new coworkers--intimately.

Utopia (Dark Gender Swap #3)


In high school, popular jock Ben used to torment nerdy Bart. After a car accident ruined Ben's prospects, everything turned upside-down. Now Ben is pushing a broom in Bart's lab. But when an experimental device goes haywire, the two men are transported into another dimension.

There Ben finds a stone that gives him dominion over all reality. He creates a new, "better" world where he has the ultimate power--and where Bart is a dim-witted young woman named Betty. Now Betty is learning about this new world from the bottom, through a series of menial jobs and degrading experiences. Has Ben finally won their rivalry or can Bart find a way back?

The Party Favor (Dark Gender Swap #4)

party favor.jpg

After winning the biggest case of his life, Blake Carnegie is riding high. He goes out to a bar to celebrate and goes home with Delilah the sexy bartender. But when they get to bed, Delilah reveals she's actually a demon and she and her friends are looking for someone to have some fun with. Soon Blake finds himself turned into a woman and subjected to playing out the humiliating fantasies of Delilah and her friends. Only a miracle can save Blake now.

Schoolgirl Daze (Dark Gender Swap #5)

schoolgirl daze.jpg

For forty years Josiah Dixon has patrolled the halls of Warren G Harding High School, terrorizing students with his strict adherence to rules. But he's never met anyone like Morgan Laffey before. When Josiah tries to lay down the law with her, he's suddenly transformed into Josie, a gorgeous bimbo who desperately wants to land the most popular guy at school. If she does, she might get a lot more than she bargained for.

Papa's New Bag


Dr. Shannon Falk recently lost his wife and finds his daughter Kim slipping ever farther away from him as she prepares for college. Then a lab experiment turns Shannon into a gorgeous young woman. Now his entire life has been turned upside-down. Even as he tries to adjust to being a woman, he finds men everywhere lusting for him and Kim wants nothing to do with him. Being a MILF is tougher than Shannon ever thought.

From Warrior King to Peasant Girl

peasant girl.jpg

King Theron has finally brought peace and justice to his whole kingdom. But that night he's betrayed by the wizard Malek, who uses his magic to turn Theron into a puny little girl. She's banished to the wastelands, where she would surely die if not for the help of a kindly old witch. More than twelve years later, Theron--now Thea--is grown and ready to reclaim her kingdom.

One Night in Bangkok


On a business trip to Bangkok, Ewan goes to the mysterious Two Side Alley.  There he encounters a "ladyboy" prostitute.  Only instead of having sex with him, the ladyboy slips him a potion that turns Ewan into a gorgeous young ladyboy.  For one night Ewan has to entertain businessmen like he used to be.  Is he up to the challenge or will he be humbled?

Gender Swapped for Her Pleasure Trilogy


At the top of a lonely mountain sits a rundown Victorian house. Dwelling in this creepy house is the mean-spirited Madame Dreibach, who has the power to change anyone with just a snap of her fingers. In "Boy Toy," she lures an IT guy to her house presumably to fix her WiFi, but soon she changes him into a beautiful young woman to entertain her for the night. In "Toy Boy," a lost hiker comes to the house looking for shelter. Soon he's turned into a cute young Asian girl for Madame Dreibach's amusement. And in "Plaything," a door-to-door salesman comes to the house looking for a big sale. He gets a lot more than he bargained for when Madame Dreibach changes him into a young woman and takes him out for a night on the town.

Boy Toy

boy toy.jpg

On a stormy afternoon, Leslie is called to a creepy house in the middle of nowhere to fix a computer server. When the storm takes out the only bridge back to civilization, he's trapped with Madame Dreibach, a witch who turns him into a gorgeous young woman to use as a living sex toy for the night.

Toy Boy

toy boy.jpg

Lee Veltkamp has climbed some of the most dangerous places on Earth; what he hasn't done is gotten lost--until now. A sudden ice storm separates him from the rest of his group. When he sees a spooky house on a hill, he goes inside to use a phone. There he meets the evil Madame Dreibach, who turns him into a woman and uses him for her night's entertainment.



At the end of his rope, traveling salesman Gil Hall drives up to a remote house to meet with the mysterious Madame Dreibach. She makes him an unusual offer: she'll buy his entire inventory if he agrees to spend one night with her--as a woman. Gil agrees but the real problems begin when he starts to fall in love with his captor.

Choose Your Own Gender Omnibus

choose omnibus.jpg

In these three stories, a man embraces his feminine side and then has to decide whether he wants to live as a boy or a girl.

In "Unisex" a man is turned into a boy who's mistaken by his new classmates for a girl. As he starts to play with dolls and wear dresses, he starts to see being a girl might not be so bad.

In "Androgynous," a man is changed into a teenager who looks like a girl, but has a big secret between his legs. While he tries to keep this hidden, he starts to see what it's like to live as a girl.

And in "Sissified," a fitness freak is changed into a puny transgender person who first disguises himself as a teenage boy and then a young woman. In the end which life will he choose?



Jamie has spent months working on the elderly Vanessa McBride to get her vast fortune and then arrange an "accident" for her. The night they're finally going to be intimate, he finds out she's the one who has been playing him all along. She turns him into a little boy--a very girlish little boy. When a little girl makes friends with him, he finds himself playing with dolls and going to slumber parties. But how long can he keep her from finding out his secret?



For years Aaron Phillips has been spying on the girls at St. Faustina's School for Girls. When the police start to close in, he tries to cover up the evidence only to fall on his head and find himself in store for an eternity of pain. His only chance is a devil's bargain: he's sent back to St. Faustina's as Erin, a 13-year-old transgender kid, and has six days to prove himself worthy of redemption. Can he resist temptation and keep his secret hidden or will he fail and be damned for all time?



Coby is a trainer and fitness freak, until he berates a wimpy client. The client puts a curse on Coby that turns him into a puny transgender person. The only way he can hope to change back is to find his true love. First he disguises himself as a boy and meets a girl, but when his secret is found out, he's laughed out of her life. In need of money, he disguises himself as a young woman and goes to work in the snack bar of a gym exclusively for women. Will he find his true love before his secret is uncovered and he's put onto the street?

Race Against Time Trilogy

race trilogy.jpg

For months the evil Gamemaster has been tormenting Rampart City, concocting elaborate games to kill its citizens. When the Gamemaster kidnaps her daughter Casey, Captain Charlotte Donovan is drawn into his latest game, a virtual reality world where she and Casey face bizarre challenges while getting younger with each level. One year later, Lieutenant Alvin Cielo gets a message from Casey and discovers she has taken over the virtual world and desperately wants someone to share it with her. Months later the Gamemaster is found dead and while examining the equipment, Dana Konstantin is drawn into the virtual world to become Casey's latest reluctant suitor.
Can anyone survive long enough to win the game?

Race Against Time


Detective Charlotte Donovan is on the trail of the brutal killer known as the Gamemaster. But when she becomes the next player of the Gamemaster's sadistic games, she has to race against time to save herself--and her daughter. Can she beat the game before time runs out on both of them?

Ghost in the Machine

ghost machine.jpg

A year ago Detective Charlotte Donovan and her 18-year-old daughter Casey disappeared in a virtual reality game created by a psychopath calling himself the Gamemaster. When Lieutenant Al Cielo gets a note claiming to be from Casey he goes to find she has taken over the virtual world--and she wants him to join her. To break his will, she changes him into a woman and forces him to enact fantasies as a whore, maid, dominatrix, and more. Will Al give in or will he find a way out?

Identity Theft

race 3.jpg

When Dana Konstantin gets a chance to examine the exotic virtual reality gear of the nefarious criminal known as the Gamemaster, he finds himself drawn into a virtual reality world controlled by an evil intelligence. This intelligence wants Dana as its mate. It changes him into a Victorian whore, a stewardess, a sexy librarian, a belly dancer, a naughty nurse, a pirate, a mermaid, a cheerleader, and more in order to find the one perfect form. Can Dana find a way to escape this world and get back to reality?

Gender Swap Endurance Test Trilogy


Two scientists are creating the world's smartest computer. There's just one thing they need: brains. In "Gilded Cage" they ensnare a university janitor, trapping him in a virtual world as a gorgeous woman until he succumbs to their will. In "The Nursery" a student thinks he's going to test a video game, but instead is turned into a girl home alone in her old house. Finally in "Finishing School" the lead scientist is trapped in her own computer system as a transgender girl in an all-girls school.

Gilded Cage


Lonny Adams is a university janitor in dire financial straits. To help solve his money woes, he volunteers for what he thinks is playtesting a new virtual reality game. But the program's designers have something much different in mind. Once he enters the virtual world, they change him into a woman to see how long it will take for him to crack. Can Lonny survive the test or is he doomed to break?

Finishing School

finishing school.jpg

After luring two men into her lab and incorporating their minds into her new ultra-sophisticated computer system, Dr. Patty Meyer is finally ready to present her machine to the world. But on the eve of her presentation, her protege betrays her and incorporates her into the computer system. Now Patty is back at Northampton Academy for Girls. Soon she realizes not only is she a teenager again, but also a transgender girl as well. How long can she survive against her own computer system and keep everyone from discovering what's under her skirt?

The Gender Swap Detective Trilogy

gender swap detective trilogy.jpg

Dick Larson was a hard-boiled detective in 1930s southern California. That was until a mystical artifact changed him into the drop-dead gorgeous Dixie Larson, who's still trying to keep the agency afloat.

In Private Dick, Dixie is employed to help a man changed into a woman get his life back, but when he's murdered, she has to find who's responsible.
In Private Dancer, Dixie investigates the disappearance of some transvestite dancers only to stumble onto a Nazi plot.
And in Private Little Hell, Dixie's investigation into a blackmailer takes a bad turn. Can she still crack the case?

Private Dick


Dick Larson was a hard-boiled detective in 1930s southern California. That was until a mystical artifact changed him into the drop-dead gorgeous Dixie Larson, who's still trying to keep the agency afloat.

When a girl walks into Dixie's office claiming to be Clyde Danton, male heir to an oil fortune, it's a case she's uniquely qualified to investigate. But soon the case turns deadly, leaving Dixie to unravel a massive conspiracy among the city's top power brokers.

Private Dancer


Dick Larson was a hard-boiled detective in 1930s southern California. That was until a mystical artifact changed him into the drop-dead gorgeous Dixie Larson, who's still trying to keep the agency afloat.

When transvestite dancers at a nightclub start to go missing, Dixie goes undercover to find out who has been abducting the dancers and why. The answer embroils her in a Nazi plot that sets its sights on her.

From Homeless to Goddess


For years Jesse has been living on the streets. Then one night he dives into a dumpster filled with a mysterious goo and wakes up the next morning as a young woman. Now he's starting a new life, going from rags to riches with a handsome billionaire.

Top to Bottom


When it comes to his relationship, Tony is the one in charge. When it comes to his body, he hopes to prove himself the strongest at the Mr. Steelflex competition. To give himself an edge, he agrees to take some steroids from a shady dealer. The next day he wakes up as a puny young woman. Soon he learns just how hard it is to no longer be the one on top.

Rich Man, Poor Girl

rich poor.jpg

Ronnie Elster is one of the wealthiest tycoons in the world, who always gets what he wants. But to acquire a piece of property he needs for his latest project, he's challenged by a couple of rivals to an insane bet: for one month he'll be changed into a young woman with no money and have to somehow find a way to thrive. Ron soon finds that being a poor girl is a lot harder than he ever imagined. Just how far is he willing to go to survive?

Sympathy Pains


When Marlon's mistress Darla announces that she's pregnant, it's about the worst news possible. It gets worse as when he suggests quietly terminating the pregnancy, Darla uses a magic spellbook to turn him into a mirror image of her! Now as her sister Marla, he'll experience every bout of morning sickness, every craving, and every contraction. At the same time he experiences the love and heartbreak of being a woman.

My Wife Changed Me Into a Pinup Girl!


At an antiques shop in New Mexico, Wally Simon finds an old magazine featuring his favorite pinup girl, Kitty Munroe. His wife finds something else: magic crystals that allow her to change Wally into his crush. And now that his wife is calling the shots, Wally finds a lot more than his body has changed!

My Wife Changed Me Into a Pinup Girl Too!

PINUP 2.jpg

When Rosie finds a Top Secret research project, she takes it home and accidentally uses it to change her lazy husband into a gorgeous supermodel. Soon enough she realizes that there's a fortune to be made by having her husband impersonate celebrities. But her husband only wants to get out from under her control and regain his freedom. Who will come out on top?

My Mistress Changed Me Into a Pregnant Girl!


When Jimmy Finkle's mistress loses their baby, Jimmy is relieved--until he wakes up as a pregnant girl! Now Jimmy has to endure morning sickness, cravings, swollen ankles, and the teasing of kids at his new high school. Even worse is what his mistress has planned for an encore...

The Incredible Shrinking Manhood!


Sergeant Dylan MacTaggart accidentally killed a young man in the street. But when he's acquitted by a jury, the boy's mother takes matters into her own hands. She puts a curse on him that slowly robs him of his masculinity, his dignity, and maybe even his sanity. Is there any way to defeat the curse before it's too late?

From Restaurateur to Waitress


Randy Manion is a rich, famous chef known for berating and demeaning other cooks. Then one day his private jet goes down and he wakes up from the crash to find himself in the body of a gorgeous young waitress at a diner in rural Texas. To make it worse he has a baby in his tummy and lives in a trailer with an abusive husband. But when a rich jerk threatens to put the diner out of business, only Randy's cooking skills might be able to save the day.

The Hot Girl in the Men's Room


Governor Gary Johnson was a key architect of a "bathroom law" forcing transgender people to use the bathroom aligned with their birth certificate. It seems like a perfect way to help get himself elected--until an assassin's bullet mortally wounds him. Gary's only chance at life is to win a sadistic game with the devil: for the next week Gary will be turned into a gorgeous woman who has to use the men's room. It sounds easy enough, but soon Gary learns just how hard it really is...

My Wife Changed Me Into a Geek Girl

geek girl.jpg

Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned, so when Craig Claremont fires his wife Lenore as the face of Claremont Cosmetics, she takes her revenge by turning him into a geeky teenage girl. Now he's gone from running a Fortune 500 company to the bottom of the social hierarchy in high school. But that's only the beginning...

My Wife Changed Me Into a Geek Girl Too!

geek girl2.jpg

Trevor and Miranda are a husband and wife who own a comic book store. While Trevor hangs out with the regular customers, talking comics, Miranda does most of the real work and is starting to feel underappreciated. When Trevor scares away a female customer with a sexist tirade, Miranda finally has enough and wishes Trevor could feel what it's like to be a geek girl. The next morning he wakes up as a beautiful woman and finds that it's not easy being a geek girl.

Changed Into His Daughter's Little Sister

father changed.jpg

Amy Kwan is tired of her father's overbearing rules. One night she wishes that her father could be cool. The next morning she wakes up to find her father has become her younger sister Cindy. But what happens when Cindy is too cool?

From Head Coach to Head Cheerleader


Chuck is a legendary college basketball coach with money, fame, power--and an enemy in his own assistant coach. That coach uses a magic wand to assume Chuck's identity while turning Chuck into a cute high school cheerleader for the worst basketball team in Illinois. If Chuck wants his job--and his life--back, he has to get this woeful team to win the state championship. And to do that he's going to need to use some unconventional coaching techniques.

Sisters in Arms


Lieutenant Bob Valentine is a tough-as-nails soldier and a hit with the ladies until one night he stops a saboteur from setting off a bomb. He's hit with some kind of gas and wakes up the next morning as a young Arab woman. The only way to stay close to his former comrades is to work as the base commander's secretary, which involves a lot more than typing and filing. To get back into the army, he's going to have to prove to everyone--and himself--that he still has what it takes.

I've Become My Asian Girl Fantasy

asian fantasy.jpg

When Harry Nelligan's wife finds out he has been secretly watching videos of young Asian girls on a website, she decides to take drastic action. She slips him a fertility drink that causes him to become an Asian girl. Now his fantasy has become a nightmare as he has to go back to school as a young Japanese girl named Harumi.

I've Become My Asian Girl Fantasy Too!

asian fantasy2.jpg

For fifteen years, Sammy Lee has written the Succubus Chronicles, featuring a young girl named Renee Kim who uses her powers as a succubus to fight evil. During a botched robbery, Sammy is knocked out. He wakes up to find that he has become Renee Kim. Now he's not only writing her final adventure--he's living it! But will this story have a happy ending?

Time & Space Omnibus


Three tales of gender swaps in space! In the first story, the crew of a military ship returning to their home planet find themselves changed into women. In the second story, two scientists on a smuggler's ship are turned into women. And in the third story, a distress call brings a platoon of Marines to a distant planet, but on the planet they're turned into women.

Time & Space

time and space.jpg

Three explorers in uncharted space run into an energy cloud that turns them into women. But that's only the beginning of their troubles

Time & Space 2

time and space 2.jpg

Desperate to get to Earth after their system is closed to space travel, two archaeologists hire a smuggler to sneak them home. But it's not long before they find themselves changed into women. Will they be able to make it home?

Time & Space 3

time and space 3.jpg

When the planet Dekeiser 65 goes silent, Captain Mackenzie Holder and a platoon of Galactic Marines are sent to investigate. But when their transport comes under attack, Mac, his corpsman Doc, and a malcontent named Martinez all wake up to find themselves changed into women. Will they be able to last long enough to reach the planet's communications array to send a warning?

Only Human


For millions of years the heroic Justibots and evil Vengedroids have warred across the cosmos. When a Justibot ship crashes on Earth, it brings their war to us. To rescue their crewmates, three Justibot soldiers adopt human bodies--female bodies. As they explore a small Arizona town, they begin to discover what it's like to be human.

Gender Swapped By Aliens


The Zargon Empire took over Earth without firing a shot. Thanks to reality warping powers, aliens have conquered the planet without anyone the wiser. Anyone except Dr. William Cauffield. He's taken to an alien lab, where they use their reality warping powers on him, changing him into new forms in an attempt to bring him into line. Yet William refuses to forget those he cares about, no matter what the aliens do to him. But how long can he hold on to who he really is?

From Chic to Geek


The Zargon Empire took over Earth without firing a shot. Thanks to reality warping powers, aliens have conquered the planet without anyone the wiser. Anyone except Dr. William Cauffield. He's taken to an alien lab, where they use their reality warping powers on him, changing him into new forms in an attempt to bring him into line. Yet William refuses to forget those he cares about, no matter what the aliens do to him. But how long can he hold on to who he really is?

Gender Swap Challenge Omnibus

gender swap challenge.jpg

Stoner Dave Winters receives an offer of a lifetime: one million dollars if he agrees to be changed into a bimbo for one day. Taking the money, he becomes part of a series of games put on to entertain some of the world's wealthiest people. In order to get his life back, he has to spend one day as a bimbo, one week as a whore, and one year as a virgin.

One Day as a Bimbo


From the international bestselling author of the Transformed gender swap series comes a whole new series of gender swap adventures!

If someone offered you a million dollars to change your gender for a day, would you do it? This is the choice slacker Dave Winters is offered. For one million dollars he agrees to become a blond bimbo for one day. Soon enough he finds out there's a lot more to the deal than he thought.

One Week as a Whore


Would you agree to change your gender for a day for one million dollars? Dave Winters did and barely survived. To win the heart of the woman he loves--and three million more--he agrees to remain a woman for another week. But he never agreed to be brainwashed and sold to a cruel sultan. Can Dave survive one week as the sultan's whore?

One Year as a Virgin


Dave Winters has already spent one day as a bimbo and one week as a whore. Now to save the woman he loves, he faces an even greater challenge: he has to remain a virgin schoolgirl for one entire year. He's sent to the Peerless Academy, where his new classmates provide all sorts of temptation. Can he resist his urges for an entire year?

OMG, I've Become a Teenage Girl!

teenage girl.jpg

Shannon Steen is 38 years old, still lives with his mother, and works a menial fast food job. When he goes to his 20th high school class reunion, he laments how much better off his popular classmates are. The next morning he wakes up in 1995 as a pretty, popular high school girl! Soon he finds out that being pretty and popular isn't all it's cracked up to be.

I've Become My Schoolgirl Fantasy!

schoolgirl fantasy.jpg

Pete has never been a very thoughtful boyfriend. When he forgets their six-month anniversary, his girlfriend reveals she's a witch and decides to teach him a lesson by turning him into his schoolgirl fantasy!

I've Become My Schoolgirl Fantasy Too!


Every year the clique of popular girls at Vera Swinton Academy abduct a boy, turn him into a girl, and force her to be their personal slave for the year. Now it's Sheldon's turn. Not only does he have to do homework for the girls, he's also a toy for their amusement. Is there any way out of this hell for Sheldon before graduation?

I've Become My Farm Girl Fantasy!

farm girl.jpg

When his car breaks down somewhere in rural Louisiana, Elmore van Hekken stops at a remote farmhouse for help. Instead of helping him, the woman who answers the door changes Elmore into a sexy young woman. Now Elmore finds himself cleaning stalls, milking cows, and slopping pigs. He might have to do something even worse than that when a boy shows up at the house looking for him.

Help, I've Become a Shopaholic!


When Jody Hurley's wife racks up ten thousand dollars in credit card debit in one week at Shelby's department store, he decides to put his foot down. He goes to the store to return the clothes, but the manager has a unique return policy: he turns Jody into a beautiful young woman who can't get enough of shopping! Can anyone save Jody before it's too late?

Gender Swap Sleepover


When the hottest girl in his class invites Kevin Bartlow over to study, he thinks he might finally have a chance to be someone. But when he puts on a magic bracelet, he becomes the plaything of the girl and her friends. Now they're using him to live out all their fantasies. Never has being the center of attention for six attractive girls been so humiliating.

My Ex Changed Me Into a Man!


When Danielle accuses her ex-boyfriend of not being man enough to please her, he turns the tables by changing her into a man! Can Danielle find a way to become a girly girl again or is she stuck with a Y chromosome?

My Roommate Changed Me Into a Goth Girl!

become goth.jpg

Leanne is a sorority girl from old money, so when she finds out her new roommate is a Goth girl, she tries everything she can to drive her roommate away. But when Leanne goes too far, her roommate uses ancient magic to make Leanne into a Goth girl like her. Will Leanne find a way to change herself back or will she come to enjoy her new life?

My Roommate Changed Me Into a Goth Girl 2!

goth 2.jpg

After his longtime girlfriend breaks up with Isaac, his friends post an ad for a new roommate on Craigslist. The last person Isaac expects to see at his doorstep to respond to the ad is Mitzy, a Goth girl with the power to bend reality to her will. When she decides she doesn't want to share the apartment with a boy, she changes Isaac into Izzy, a Goth girl like her. Now Isaac's life has been turned upside-down, which he soon realizes might not be a bad thing.

Gender Swap Holiday Collection

holiday johnson.jpg

Four holiday-themed gender swap stories collected together for the first time! In Trick & Treat, two bullies are turned into princesses on Halloween and have to try to fill their bags with candy before midnight. In From Head of the Table to the Kiddie Table, a man's mother-in-law comes to visit for Thanksgiving and turns him into an adorable girl. In Naughty & Nice, a Christmas gift turns a man into a plaything for his wife's amusement. And in Fat Tuesday, a jerk boss is turned into a plump young woman on Fat Tuesday.

Gender Swap Holiday Collection 2

holiday johnson 2.jpg

Four holiday themed gender swap stories:
Trick or Treat 2
Naughty or Nice 2
Valentine's Day Gender Swap
Gender Swapped on Easter

Gender Swapped on Easter


Nick has spent most of his adult life in his mother's basement, playing video games. The night before Easter his mother leaves a chocolate bunny on the kitchen table for him. Eating it, Nick shrinks into adorable Nicole. Now his mother is going to start over again with her sweet, innocent daughter--unless Nick can find a way to stop her.

Trick or Treat


For Billy Knutsen this is more difficult than he thought. After he steals Halloween candy from some kids, he and his best friend are turned into princesses who have to fill their treat bags or be stuck as girls forever.

Trick or Treat 2

trick or treat 2.jpg

Now that his kids have all left the nest, Clark decides to take a year off from Halloween. Before he can get a chance to relax, though, a young woman in a witch costume shows up at his door to demand candy. When he doesn't comply, he finds out she's a real witch, who changes him into a girl. Now if they don't want to end up vanishing, they have to get a bucket of candy by midnight.

Trick or Treat 3

trick or treat 3.jpg

35 years ago Vance Williams and his friend Cindy went into a spooky old house on Halloween--only Vance came out alive. Now Vance is back in town to sell his parents' old house. But on Halloween night he finds himself being drawn back in time, until inevitably he will be forced to relive the night his friend died.

Transformed for Halloween Collection

halloween collect.jpg

Four spooky gender swap tales for Halloween!

In the Gender Swap Costume Party, a group of fed up wives change their husbands into sexy ladies. But soon the wives start to let their power go to their head.

In The Old Lady of Waukegan Street, a bully finds out Old Lady Montgomery is a real witch. She puts a curse on him that turns him into a woman who gets older with every passing hour unless he has thirteen orgasms.

In Curse of the Dead Girl, three college students are haunted by a girl they allowed to die on Halloween a year earlier. Now her spirit is turning them into the subjects of their sexual fantasies. But soon those fantasies start to turn deadly.

And in Demon Flesh, the crew of a popular ghost hunting show goes to the site where three young women were murdered 50 years ago. But as midnight strikes, they find themselves in the bodies of those young women. Can they rewrite history or are they doomed to repeat it?

Bait & Switch


Parker and his girlfriend Katarina go to the Treetop Mall to cash in on Black Friday deals. When they get pulled out of line for a special shopping spree, they have no idea what's in store for them. Parker is turned into a young woman who has to buy $10,000 of women's clothes in less than an hour if he ever wants his manhood back. Another couple who try to get into the mall early are put to work in the food court as teenage girls. Will any of them survive the mayhem of Black Friday?

From Head of the Table to the Kiddie Table


A lot of guys say their mother-in-law is a witch, but Daryl's mother-in-law actually is one. When she pops in on Thanksgiving morning and Daryl tries to assert his authority as man of the house, she changes him into a girl. Now instead of carving the turkey, he's sitting at the kiddie table with his daughter and nasty nephews. But that's only the beginning of his trouble.

Naughty or Nice


Joel has been naughty and now his wife is getting her revenge. She uses a magic bracelet to turn him into women to live out her fantasies. And unless Joel is nice and plays along, she'll torture him forever.

Naughty or Nice 2


Kenneth Byrd hates holiday shopping more than anything. When a girl runs into him and ruins his suit, he loses his cool with her. Soon he finds himself changed into a girl thanks to a nasty demon who wants to have a perfect human Christmas with her little captive. If Kenneth is naughty he'll be punished, but if he's nice he might get his life back for Christmas.

Naughty or Nice 3


Billy Joe has been a bad Santa, but now he's getting what's coming to him. After yelling at a little girl, her mother puts a hex on Billy Joe that turns him into a woman. By Christmas Day will he learn his lesson? Or will he disappear entirely?

Valentine's Day Gender Swap


Kevin is preparing for the biggest case of his career--until his wife calls to remind him Valentine's Day is nearly over. The only store still open in the area is a liquor store, where Kevin buys champagne and a mysterious necklace the clerk promises will make his wife's "bedroom wishes" come true. But Kevin never thought his wife's bedroom wish would be to turn him into a woman!

Fat Tuesday

fat tuesday.jpg

When Roy Hart tells his secretary she has been putting on weight, she decides to teach him a lesson. She slips him a drug that turns him into a morbidly obese young woman just in time for Fat Tuesday. As his secretary finds new ways to humiliate him, Roy meets another girl who helps him see that big can be beautiful.

The Lipstick Lesbian Elixir


Captain Amanda Harker is as butch as it gets. That is until she's doused with an illegal drug called Lezz. Then she finds herself becoming girlier and girlier, with an insatiable appetite for other women.

Wicked Game


A witch has taken over Earth and in an instant sent everything back to the Dark Ages. When Grant Roget tries to stop the witch, he ends up as part of a sick game designed to break his spirit.