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Literary Fiction Books

Last Dance & Other Stories

An eclectic mix of 22 short stories ranging from coming of age to romance to science-fiction. A fallen soldier is given one last dance with his sweetheart, a bulldog mascot brings people together, a young boy discovers his god powers, and a time tsunami plays havoc with the world.


Where You Belong

Frost Devereaux's odyssey of self-discovery spans three decades and takes him to every corner of America. Guiding him along his journey are the twin loves of his life: Frankie & Frank Maguire. Through his tempestuous relationships with them, he learns who he is and where he belongs.


Virgin Territory

Gary Sinclair hides from the world in a remote Michigan town. That is until a beautiful woman washes up on the shore of the lake. She has no memory of who she is or where she comes from.

As Gary helps her try to regain her memory, he finds himself returning to the world--and falling in love...

The Carnival Papers: Short Stories

A young girl takes her first steps into the real world. A boy experiences the joy and pain of a first love. An old man relives the stories he's written. These are just some of the stories of The Carnival Papers, a volume of short stories dealing with life, loss, and love.


The Best Light

When nature photographer Frank Hemsky learns Vera, the love of his life has died, he travels to Little Mesa, New Mexico to find out what happened. When he arrives, he's aided in his quest by Vera's daughter, who wants to learn more about her mother. The deeper they dig, the more they are drawn together.

The Changing Seasons

Because of a tragic birth defect, Floyd Jensen has steered clear of love. Then he runs into the beautiful Abby and his entire life changes. Over four seasons, Floyd will discover both the joy and the heartache of love.

Higher Power

Max Caldwell has a power unlike that of anyone else: he can manipulate people’s dreams. After this power led to an accident that killed his parents, Max swore never to use it again. But when he encounters a young woman in a coma suffering from terrible nightmares, Max takes it upon himself to rescue her. The more he tries to help her, the more dangerous things gets for both of them.

The Naked World

Forty years ago, Henry Barton played a superhero known as the Grey Knight on television. Rotting away forgotten in a retirement home, Henry's mind finally snaps and he becomes the hero he played so long ago. Now as Henry battles imagined evils on the streets of a small California town, it's up to his faithful sidekick to save Henry--and himself.

The Leading Men

In the late 1960s, three men are drawn together by destiny. Gus, a veteran TV producer, is seeking one last shot at glory. Henry, a washed-up actor, is seeking a chance at the big time. And Tony, a naive teenager, is seeking excitement. All three will find what they seek, but the cost may be more than they're willing to pay.

A Necessary Innocence

Nate Colbrunn doesn’t understand why all the other kids in high school are so obsessed with dating and sex. Not even his best friend is immune from this obsession forever. It’s not until he runs across a lonely farmhouse containing some very dark secrets that Nate begins to understand. It’s then that his education about lust, love, and life begins.

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